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Tour Guide Licensing System Between 5 Southeast Asian Nations: Taiwan, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Philippines

If you want to become a tour guide, understanding the tour guide licensing system of your country is a must. Have you found all the necessary information? Are you still scanning through several websites under time pressure? Check out this article!

MyProGuide has helped you collected the important information about tour guide license requirements of five Southeast Asian countries—Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Cambodia. If any of those countries is what you’re looking for, the charts below will surely assist you on the way of developing as a comprehensive tour guide.

Why do you need a license to be a tour guide?

You may know one need a license to be a tour guide in tourism. But why? It seems that becoming a tour guide is primarily predicated on passion for traveling. Since your guests look for a knowledgeable and multilingual tour guide aside during their trip, the occupation requires far more than just passion as building your long-term credibility in tourism. This accreditation not only ensures quality of touring service but also present your professional image to targeted customers. As a result, there is a need for you going through relevant courses and exams before officially becoming a licensed tour guide. Now, let’s get to know the rules in the chart below.

Overview  of Tour Guide Licensing System—Taiwan, Thailand, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Cambodia

Even though tour guide application system and tour guide license requirements vary in between these Southeast Asian countries, the context and subjects of tour guide examination are similar. In general, the certification exam includes written/oral tests for two major classifications, regional tour guide as well as tour guide interpreter.

If you decide to take tour guide interpreter examination, you would have various foreign language options to learn. Since individual nations have different foreign language options, you can check what those options are on the official websites. 

Responsible Department:

Taiwan: Ministry of Examination, R.O.C.
Thailand: Department of Tourism
Myanmar:Ministry of Hotel & Tourism
The Philippines: Department of Tourism
Cambodia: Ministry of Tourism

Is it Necessary to be a Licensed Tour Guide?

Yes, it is. You would find out many benefits of having a tour guide license once becoming a certified tour guide in tourism.

For instance, your customers and agency would consider whether you are professional as well as reliable enough via the accreditation. Moreover, the governments or local public areas would provide some welfares or benefits to licensed tour guides.

Perhaps unlicensed tour guides appear commonly in your nation. However, local governments nowadays are getting stricter than in previous times, such as Thai administration. More tourist policemen are hired to prevent illegal tour guides.

As you see, having a tour guide license gets more advantages for the tour guide career. Do you still think that touring without tour guide licenses is unnecessary? We hope that this article helps you have a better understanding about the scope of tour guide licensing system in the Southeast Asian countries, and we wish you a bright licensed tour guide career in the near future!

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