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5 Pivotal Ways to Start Building Your Personal Brand as a Tour Guide

You realize why you want be a tour guide, but does taking your first step of building your personal brand keep bothering you? Perhaps there are a slew of questions and self-doubts in your mind at the moment. No worries! MyProGuide has sorted out 5 personal branding strategies for tour guides like you.

Before learning the five ways to create your personal brand, let us understand the reasons why tour guides are required to brand themselves.

Building a personal brand is never an exclusive marketing strategy for entrepreneurs and commercial industries, almost any work you think of connects with cardinal rules of branding. In order to stand out from your counterparts in increasingly competitive tourism, developing personal brand uniquely and impressively is as well the capability that tour guides need to develop today.

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Branding yourself is not too difficult if you follow these 5 ways to create your personal brand as a tour guide:

1.   Realize Your Value & Position

If tour guides want to build up an audience and impress more, the first step of building your personal brand is to understand your value in the realm. That is to say, you need to present what your remarkable features or characteristics are to attract targeted customers.

Moreover, you need to consider your role and position in the market. Take tour guides as example. Tour guides are usually expected to have capabilities of communicating, language proficiency or organization skills since their position in the realm is to accompany their customers in foreign countries. They need to possess what the targeted customers and the market are expected. Those value you promote must be relevant to your position in the market and become image of your personal brand.

2.   Know Your Purpose

Knowing your purpose is a personal branding strategy. When creating a personal brand, you need to come up with the purpose behind the brand and express it to your targeted customers. Your purpose is likely to make you outstanding from the rest in the field.

It may be “being attentive to every guests” or “creating fun memories altogether”.

Never underestimate the power of brand purpose, it is a key to help you draw attention of audience and gradually build distinctive brand reputation. So, start to think of your brand purpose from now on.

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3.  Make Connections on Social Media

Have you ever searched yourself on google? This may sound odds to you, but branding yourself in this era requires to consider that people are reading your records or experiences on the Internet.

People today highly rely on the Internet when having questions or troubles with certain subjects. In the case, potential customers may see your name while looking for traveling information. Just assume that social media platform is your resume or business card, you need to not only establish one but also manage it with consistency and efforts.

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In addition to present your value and purpose as we have mentioned above—articulate who you are. Social media platform is your personal stage that allows you to leave strong images by uploading attracting videos, relevant stories and so on.

Remember, creating a resume aims to promote who you are and what capabilities or experiences you possess, while personal network platform enables closer or real connection with targeted customers.

4. Be a Good Listener

One of the ways to brand yourself is to be a good listener. Any jobs in particular tour guides require listening skills and the sensitivity of  knowing their customers’ needs. If you do not pay good attention to your customers, how can you make satisfying service and build positive reputation for your personal band in tourism?

It is more clear to say that building up a personal brand takes effort and earning long-term good reputation for your brand is up to how you treat your customers.

5.  Never Stop Improving

In the rapid growth of the environment, society trend always changes. You would confront any possible challenges that make you grow. Even the technology giants such as Microsoft, Google, and Apple never stop coming up with innovative ideas to prevent from being obsoleted by the crowd. Since tour guides are competitive job as well, stop growing may lead to lose a steady stream of customers. That is to say, tour guides need to absorb new knowledge or information every day, such as updating quips or stories to impress your audience.

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In a nutshell, personal branding strategies mainly focus on how you establish your personal  image, promote yourself, and make real connection with customers. Presenting personal values and purpose helps targeted customers get to know your brand better, since managing brand reputation need to consider both online and in real life.

Branding yourself is never too late to begin as long as you make good connection with targeted customers via these personal branding strategies.

It may be tough in the beginning, but you will eventually manage your personal brand well soon after. MyProGuide provides branding platform for every tour guide. What are you waiting for? Start building your distinctive personal brand from today!

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