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Hiking Routes in Myanmar

If you love traveling on foot or pedaling your way around new places, Myanmar has it all! If you love nature, do not doubt that hiking is the perfect activity for you. You will be amazed by the natural life, full of natural walks and waterfalls. You will see leafy vegetation that will make you forget for a moment the bustle and the gray cement of the city. And you will


6 Myanmar unseen street food

It’s also safe to call it a delicious mash-up of the spicy rich curries of India, the garlicky sweet sauces of China, and the bright herb-filled salads and soups of Thailand. There’s nothing quite like it, and Yangon is a city built for snacking. The best street food in Yangon can be found at temporary carts set up by vendors each morning, and the stews and snacks sold throughout the day represent a wide cross-section of different cultures and ethnicities.