Why should You Hire a Private Tour Guide?

Trying to add as much value as possible to every minute of the tours is something that every traveler with low budget endeavors to do so it is clearly a luxury for them to hire a tour guide. People nowadays prefer traveling independently for they have a low budget and little time.

But does hiring a local tour guide equal to high cost and time-consuming?

MyProGuide has listed some of the most important reasons why you should hire a local tour guide, especially when you have a low budget.

And the answer might be very different from what you have expected.

Why should you hire a private tour guide? — to acquire tips that only Locals know.

Take Taiwan as an example, the variable weather can be a nightmare to tourists. You may think that watching the weather forecast will solve the problem. However, the weather forecast can only tell you the chance of precipitation and the predicted temperature. If you are accompanied by a local tour guide, who is knowledgeable and knows Taiwan well, will be able to read the sign and tell you what to bring to deal with the upcoming rainstorm or scorching sun.

Also, a well-informed local tour guide will help you arrange your itinerary that can avoid going to popular spots during the rush hour. They know where to get the cheapest deal for your amusement park ticket; they know the shortcut that gets to the scenic area fastest; they know which souvenir store sells the highest quality key chain with the best price.

Why should you hire a private tour guide? — to have an In-Depth understanding of a place or its Culture and History.

On the internet, you can always google a place and look into the information of it including the history and culture. But it is not something tourists will most likely to spend time on. Arranging the time and route, booking the ticket, and searching for nice restaurants are already exhausting, so it is very normal that tourists just see the surface of the spots.

Without knowing the background history of the city and the culture of its people, tourists miss the chance to be truly connected to the destination. If you hire a private tour guide, it will be another case. Instead of letting go the questions regarding the spots, you can ask the private tour guide whatever pops up in your head, or he may simply tell you all and makes you realize how you can have a close bond to a place by knowing its culture and history in-depth.

Why should you hire a private tour guide? — to get rid of troubles caused by Unfamiliarity and Language Barrier.

Learning a new language is never an easy task. People may buy a pocketbook of common conversation during traveling and hope that they can fully count on it in a country totally strange to them. But things happen even when you are least expected and prepared. What should you do when you lose your wallet or even get hit by a car? In the situations like these, the language barrier can be a huge trouble that pocketbooks may not be of great assistance.

However, a multilingual tour guide will definitely help you out with those troubles. If you need medical care, he can help you translate your feeling to the doctors. If you need help from the police, he can help you go through all the legal proceedings. Having a local tour guide will surely make your stay more carefree and trouble-free.

Why should you hire a private tour guide? — to venture into the Secret Spots or find the Extraordinary Restaurants that can Hardly be Found on the Internet.

What would you do when you are planning to go somewhere for the first time? You google it. Key in the name of the place and type “food” or “attractions” behind it to see what is nice there. But when you really arrive, all you see are endless lines of people and stores jacking up the price. The Internet has attracted way too many people to the same places and wiped out the original purity of it.

However, a secret place is meant to be secret and hardly found so it is called the “secret place,” so what should we do to know the secret places and get there? This is exactly the perfect timing for a tour guide to show up. Follow his steps and get ready to take a real adventure into the foreign country.

The private tour guide can surely lead you to the beach where there are only a little people with the broad view of the ocean and the clear water or to the restaurant hidden in the narrow alley with lip-smacking dishes but only one or two tables. So if you want to avoid hoards of tourists and enjoy the place, you really need a private tour guide.

Why should you hire a private tour guide? — to make Local Friends and learn some Local Perspectives.

What can be better than having a tour guide to guide you around the foreign place? That is making friend with the private tour guide and going around the place like a local people. People who become private tour guides are usually outgoing and passionate. They love their land and of course, they love to meet new people, so it would be no surprise that you end up being friends.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make new friends when you are in a country you are not familiar with? Try to have a talk with them and maybe you will be amazed at his/ her different perspectives on some topic and get inspired to have a new way of thinking. But be very careful about some taboo subjects they avoid.


Hiring a private tour guide makes your investment of time and money on the experience more Worthwhile and Unique.

Let’s get back to the thing that travelers with a low budget care the most — high cost-performance ratio. Having the best fulfillment with the least amount of money and time is always their priority, and hiring a private tour guide can actually help them get full satisfaction even when they have a low budget. You may save your time going through those travel blogs, deciding whether they are reliable, and arranging them by the time and the location.

If you hire a private tour guide, he/she will organize it for you with the best arranged time and route, rule out the places undeserved the reputation, and give advice according to what you need and what you want. What you really get from the tour may actually exceed the money you have put in hiring a tour guide. Now you know what to do, just come to MyProGuide and the best-quality tour guides will be here to help you customize your ideal tour with the best price.

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