Things to do in Taiwan – January, 2019

Here, I am going to show you what to enjoy around Taiwan in January of the brand new year, 2019.

Please take out your travel planner and get ready to start an adventure!

1. Things to do in Taiwan – January|Greet the first sunlight in 2019 in Fulong —— 01/01

After the gorgeous fireworks on new year’s eve, lots of energetic people will then head for Fulong for the first sunrise of the new year. With the first sunlight beaming through the sky, the ocean will be painted golden and red, which will make your eyes wide open in awe.

2. Things to do in Taiwan – January|The sunrise impression new year concert on Ali mountain —— 01/01

As the highest concert in Taiwan, the 2019 sunrise impression concert is going to be the sixteenth one after all these years. With a feast for both your visual and hearing sense, this should be one of your best choice to meet the first day of a new year.

3. Things to do in Taiwan – January|Meet the earliest sunlight of 2019 in Sansiantai, Taitung —— 01/01

The first sunlight of the island of Taiwan is at Sansiantai, Taitung. In addition to many peculiar stones lying here, it’s said that lots of folk legends happened here. Let’s welcome the shining 2018 with the golden sunlight together!

4. Things to do in Taiwan – January|The creative market at Ximen Red House ——

From January 6th to the end of 2019, there will be a historical creative market at Ximen Red House on every weekend. Every year, lots of young artists gather here to show their creative works with the public. If you happen to be free on weekend, come here and just look around, maybe you will find something you like.

Where else to enjoy the relaxing hot spring?

6. Things to do in Taiwan – January|Jiaobanshan Plum Blossom Festival in Taoyuan —— 01/12, 13, 20

Do you know that the plum blossom is the national flower in Taiwan? This kind of flowers have a great cold endurance, therefore, they are totally a symbol of the hardworking characteristic of Taiwanese. Before the winter leaves, let’s take a look at the grand flowers in Taoyuan!

7. Things to do in Taiwan – January|Guandu Flower Festival in Shihlin, Taipei —— NOW

Lasting from August 2017 to the end of February 2018, Guandu Flower Festival want people living in Taipei to pay attention to this forgotten corner. Besides, there are also many amazing performances which make the flower festival more fun! 

MyProGuide wishes you a pleasant and colorful New Year.

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