Valentine’s Day — Special Attractions For Singles

On every Valentines’s Day (2/14), there’re always thousands of couples flocking to every place and the air on the street smells sickeningly sweet. The couples only have each other in their eyes without concerning the feelings of pedestrians. Therefore, you can’t help to express heavy resentment on your face and just wanna shut yourself away in your bedroom. But, who says that Valentine’s Day is not your day? Here, we are going to show you a list of attractions, where you could visit either alone or with your buddies or sisters. So that you’ll realize that you deserve to have a great time on Valentine’s Day as well.

1. Special Attractions For Singles | Praying to God of Love for your destiny.

Yay, we know that seeing the lovebirds on the road still makes you want to find out your Mr. Right or Miss Right. Then, let’s visit God of Love without hesitation. MyProGuide has listed five temples which are believed to be the most efficacious ones in Taiwan. Some of them are great spots to take photos and check in on Facebook. Pray to God of Love as soon as possible, so that there may be someone accompanying you on Valentine’s Day. Hope that you could say goodbye to your single life soon!

Wanli Match Maker Temple in New Taipei City:

Different from traditional temples, there are a pink bridge of magpies, heart-shaped moon blocks and a statue of Cupid.

Do you find something on the rooftop of the temple? And the moon blocks are so cute, right?
Put your love wishes into the postbox of Cupid!

Xiahai Temple in Taipei City:

There are lots of singles visiting here every day. Don’t forget to take a walk on Dihua Street beside. Maybe you’ll soon meet your love there!

Leh Cherng Temple in Taichung City:

It’s also a grade three historic relics. Moreover, there are some single mixer activities here!

Cupid Church in Nantou City:

Mixed with Chinese and western culture, there is a Chinese God of Love in a pure white church. Before praying, take beautiful photos first!

Sacrificial Rites Martial Temple in Tainan:

After praying and taking a pink charm from God of Love, don’t forget to visit the tourist spots surrounding it.

How to pray to God of Love correctly?

2. Special Attractions For Singles | Taking a stroll in somewhere therapeutic.

Have you ever heard Dr. Cat or Dr. Dog? Now, let the lovely animals to heal your broken heart. Houtong, called as a village of cat, is a town with lots of kittens assembling here.

Moreover, you could find some decorations relating to cats in the train station or in the restroom. In recent years, there are some coffee shops opening in Houtong, so that you could have a cup of hot latte with a unique view of mountains outside.

The view of Houtong at night is still stunning

By the way, the cats here are close to human, so don’t be afraid to give a light pat on their heads.

Beside Houtong, Shifen is also a good choice as well.
All the tours of Shifen

3. Special Attractions For Singles | Embracing the nature and breathing some fresh air.

For me, to forget my blue feelings, having a light exercise is one of the best way and Xitou will be a great choice. In Xitou Nature Educational Area, there are many trails and rest areas completely planned.

The plants along the trails will make you forget all the fatigue and blue moods.  After taking a walk and breathing fresh air to your heart’s content in the woods will gain a refreshing mind.

The waterfall and the bridge make Xitou much more interesting!

Special Attractions For Singles | Pigging out without any scruple.

For many people, eating is the only way to relieve their stress. In Taiwan, your demands will absolutely be completed! We advise you night market and hot pot restaurant. In the night market, you are able to eat any kinds of food you want, from the oyster omelet to the bubble milk tea. As well, you could invite all of your single friends to a hot pot restaurant. As everyone sitting together, you’ll forget that you are lonely.

Bubble tea is a must-try flavor of Taiwan
Why not get a grilled sausage as well!
Fried chicken, you smell the taste of basil from miles away.
Osyter omelet is also a Taiwanese classical street food

More Night Market Tours
Must-go Restaurants on Valentine’s Day

5. Special Attractions For Singles | Blowing your money on something you want desperately.

Shopping time! Spending money on your own instead of buying gifts for a boyfriend or a girlfriend is such a wonderful thing, right? When it comes to shopping, people think of Xinyi District. However, these two places are also the shopping heavens.

One is Eastern District of Taipei, where gathers the most fashionable boys and girls in Taipei. Another is Zhongshan Station, where is very convenient as it locates near to Taipei Train Station. I promise you could find something both unique and of high quality. Now, just carry your credit card and make yourself on the cutting edge of fashion!

Who says that everyone should have a boyfriend and girlfriend? Living a single life is also an wonderful, free, and enjoyable thing, right?

Rather than envying the lovey-dovey couples, traveling will absolutely make yourself more comfortable! Or you want someone be with you, find a tour guide from MyProGuide, he /she can show you around!

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