Day Tour from Taipei – Shifen old street & Sky Lanterns Festival

Falling on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, Sky Lanterns Festival is one of the most important Taiwan traditional festivals. On this day, children hold sky lanterns and stroll down the streets and alleys, and guessing lantern riddles is also an essential part. However, do you know what is a must do during Sky Lanterns Festival? Of course, it is launching sky lanterns, which attracts lots of people, both local and abroad tourists every year! Today, we want to take you to explore Shifen. It’s a popular spot to launch the sky lantern and also a place filling with a retro atmosphere. Let’s check it out!

Located in Pingxi District, taking the train to Shifen Station is the most common transportation. Walking out of Shifen Station, there is right the Shifen Old Street. However, don’t leave too early, because the train station is a good check-in place as well. Without the guardrail, you could feel the train brush against you, but please be careful. On the Shifen Old Street, there’re a variety of featured shops selling lovely souvenirs and snacks. Secretly tell you, deep fried squid balls are the most recommended. Here, you will feel like you walk in the street decades ago, so why not immerse yourself in a reminiscent atmosphere?

Of course, here comes the highlight – launching the sky lanterns. There are many sky lanterns shops along the old street. Each of these shops provides the instruction in launching the sky lantern in addition to selling kinds of them. After choosing the shop, you should choose the color of your sky lanterns which have different meanings, such as health, career, love, and etc. Next, use the Chinese writing brush to write your wishes directly on your lantern. The last step is to launch your lantern into the sky, and it’s the most important step of all as the lantern is said to bring your wish to the god. In the evening or at night, watching your wishes flying in the sky like a bright star is such a romantic and hopeful thing, right? Moreover, every year there is a Sky Lantern Festival held in Pingxi, in which people will launch the sky lantern together at a night. In 2018, the Sky Lantern Festival is on 2 March.  Especially, the New Taipei City government cooperates with Sanrio (サンリオ) in this year, so you will see the Hello Kitty lantern, Pum Pum Purin lantern and other stars of Sanrio! Come and appreciate the spectacular view of hundreds of sky lanterns flying in the sky!

If you think that launching the sky lanterns and strolling down the old street of Pingxi are not enough at all. In Shifen, there are still many tourist spots for you to explore. For example, Jin-an Bridge used to be a route of shipping coal mine, and with sculptures of the miner’s life on the wall of the bridge, now is a popular attraction. Another famous check-in location is Shifen Waterfall. Don’t miss out the stunning natural scene!

Shifen is absolutely a perfect choice for couples and family to escape from the bustling and hustling city life. How about taking a light trip in Shifen to celebrate your Lantern Festival?

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