Valentine’s Day – Must Go Romantic Attractions In Taiwan

As Valentine’s Day is coming soon, many couples get confused about where to go for the purpose of creating an unforgettable and romantic memory on this important day. MyProGuide has heard your voice and come to your help. We’ve listed several tourist spots for helpless couples so that you could go and check in on your Facebook to your heart’s content. If you are single, We feel sorry for you……But don’t leave the page right away, because you are probably able to plan for your next Valentine’s Day in advance or maybe you could meet your Mr. Right or Miss Right in these locations.

1. Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Taipei — Songshan Rainbow Bridge

Right next to Raohe Street Night Market, Songshan Rainbow Bridge is at a very convenient location. It’s a large bridge in red crossing Keelung River, and when the night falls, the colorful lights along the walkway will be turned on.

At that time, the spectacular view will reflect on the water, which makes the couples here fall in love once again. After strolling through the night market, give your darling a surprise of taking him or her here. What a romantic thing it is!

Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | New Taipei City — Happy Aqua Park

Taking the MRT to Sanchong Station, you will see a wide park right beside the station, and that’s Happy Aqua Park! At the daytime, cycling or taking a walk beside the grass and river makes people feel comfortable, and it’s such a great place for family activities. At night, with some romantic lights, it will totally be a perfect place for dating!

In addition to the sea of flowers, there lie some designs, such as a fortress covered in a lovely pink and a diamond-shaped installation art. Even the road signs are heart-shaped. Can’t wait to ask to take photos of with your boyfriend/girlfriend in here on Valentine’s Day, right?

Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Yilan — Acquvita Chapel

Acquvita Chapel at daytime
Acquvita Chapel at daytime

When it comes to the chapel, many people will think of romantic weddings, right? Acquvita Chapel, right “on” the lake, will be a more romantic chapel than you have thought.

Walking slowly across the aquatic trail, a pure white chapel will soon leap to your eyes. If you visit here at night, there will be yellow lights gently brightening around the chapel. Why not head to Yilan and secretly prepare a small wedding for your darling on Valentine’s Day?

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Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Chunghua — Tonight The Stars Leisure Farm

Tonight The Stars Leisure Farm has newly opened in the recent two years, and it’s such a lovely dating place for couples who love little animals. Though taking up not much space, there’re a variety of animals, which you could interact with, such as corky Alpacas and lovely bunnies. Many couples love to take photos at the entrance as there’re a big “LOVE” and a shaggy big teddy bear standing here.

Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Hualien — Flower Happiness Manor

Have you ever seen Disney’s film — Snow White? Wanna be pretty Snow White in your childhood? Now, take your sweetheart to Hualien and make your dream come true! In Flower Happiness Manor, there is a mushroom-shaped small house hiding in the thick forest with a clear lake lying beside.

Moreover, you could reserve an accommodation here. Immerse yourself in a fairytale-like surrounding with your Prince Charming on the romantic Valentine’s Day.

You could reserve an accommodation right next to the forest

Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Taichung — Moncoeur

If you visit Taichung, Moncoeur is absolutely a MUST GO for Valentine’s Day. Because there’s a building in a castle style, which will make girls imagine they were beautiful princesses in Ancient Europe. Actually, many couples choose Moncoeur to hold their wedding indeed. Oh, don’t forget to try the Panna Cotta with a Cupid image right on it. How about persuading your darling to celebrate your Valentine’s Day here? And maybe he will pop the question to you!

Romantic Attractions In Taiwan | Kaohsiung — Cijin

On the most western side in Kaohsiung, Cijin is right beside the ocean. We think you could have a good and romantic time also on Chinese Valentine’s Day in summer as you could pass through the cool Tunnel of Stars, where there’re many shining stars and just like you’re under a starry night. Also, seeing the sunset view mixed with blue and orange colors is totally a romantic thing for couples. Take Cijin into your account!

Have you already decided where to go to celebrate your Valentine’s Day? Or there’s too much choice to choose from? That’s alright! You are allowed to visit each of these attractions above because if the one sleeping next to you is your destiny, each day is a Valentine’s Day!

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