Top 5 things to do in Dadaocheng — Roam Around The Old Taipei

If you are passionate about the historic sites and local cultures, this blog is totally written for you. Here, we are going to unveil the mystery of an ancient location — Dadaocheng. Known as the oldest area in Taiwan, Dadaocheng always be so packed that everyone is squeezed shoulder to shoulder during every Chinese New Year. Do you know why the phenomenon happens every year? Let us keep reading on!

What is the Origin of Dadaocheng?

Dadaocheng is a shopping district mainly consisting of Dihua Street. Dihua Street’s history could be traced back to 1850s, as well as Qing Dynasty. From then to Japanese Occupation, Dadaocheng had been an important centre for commerce in Taipei, especially for Taiwanese tea, Chinese medicine and fabrics. Because of this, there were lots of wealthy and influential families building their gorgeous houses here. It was said to be the most prosperous area in Taipei.

However, the good circumstances didn’t last long. On the early period of Republic of China, Dadaocheng was gradually be on the decline as it was not able to load the heavy businesses of Taipei, where contained millions of people.

Thankfully, then the government proposed a plan of preservation of historic sites, so that Dihua Street could be the street reserved the most completely. Moreover, Dihua Street now has been the biggest New Year Market in Taipei. How lucky it is, right?

What to expect in Dadaocheng?

1. Visit Chinese New Year Street as the locals

As the Chinese New Year is just around the corner, this is what you must not miss out! In Dihua Street, you are able to experience the most local culture in Taipei, such as the yelling vendors and the bargaining customers. Lasting about two weeks, it is estimated that almost one million people flock to this busy street in order to get ready to the Chinese New Year festivities.

These candies and snacks are all the memories in Taiwanese childhood, but you can buy them during the Chinese New Year only.

Secretly tell you, you could try many kinds of food, such as traditional candies and cookies, preserved fruits and jerkies, for FREE! That’s why we were excited about Chinese New Year that much!

The Chinese New Year market day tour:

Experience the Chinese New Year market in Dihua street, Dadaocheng

2. Ancient and Featured Building in Dadaocheng

As we were mentioned, Dadaocheng has been the most prosperous area before, so that the houses here looks old yet very gorgeous. Many styles of these buildings will be found, including Fujian southern style and baroque style, etc. Why not take photos and check in on Instagram to show off to your friends.

Join a Dadaocheng walking tour to learn the authentic local stories

3. Yongle Market in Dadaocheng, Taipei

You start to imagine the vegetables and meats vendors selling the household food ingredients, but Yongle Market is not like that kind of traditional market. Instead, what Yongle Market features is the variety of fabrics of high quality and delicate handmade. Therefore, many garment industries or students who measure in fashion design visit here very often. Besides, if you are lucky enough, maybe there will be a bizarre in front of Yongle Market on weekends.

4. Shahai Temple in Dadaocheng

Shahai Temple is a famous temple among single boys and girls because it is said to be effective for finding love. First of all, you have to pray to God of Love in Taiwan and then wait for your destiny with patient. How about give it a try?

Wanna know how to correctly pray to God of Love?

How To Correctly Pray To God Of Love ForMr./Mrs. Right

5. Small Featured Shops and Traditional Food in Dadaocheng

After the rise of Dadaocheng in recent years, there are more and more small  featured shops which are both cultural and creative entering this area. From the shop which shows lots of Taiwanese and Japanese pottery to the shop which sells some bags, pillows or other textiles of great totem belonging to Taiwan, these featured shops are totally foreign travelers’ favorite, especially Japanese travels.

Food of course is the must in a trip! In Dadaocheng, many kinds of delicious traditional food wait for you here, such as Mackerel stew, oil rice and fish balls. Oh, traditional popsicle in taro flavor is totally our love! As a professional foodie, these delicacies are what you should not miss!

Come and find some hidden treasure in these featured shops in Dadaocheng!

Mackerel Stew

Fish Balls

Ice Popsicle made out of Taro

Sticky Rice

How to head to Dadaocheng?

The address of Dadaocheng:

Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan (R.O.C.).

In addition to visiting there by car, you could take the MRT to Beimen Station and just have a short walk about 5 to 7 minutes. Soon, you are able to start to explore the wonderful area! Quite convenient!

Check out our Dadaocheng walking tour

After reading this blog, no matter you want to prepare for your Chinese New Year or just wanna kill time on your winter vacation, let’s stroll down Dadaocheng together!

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