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The Ultimate Information Guide for Taipei Night Markets

There is a variety of Taipei night market snacks with unique tastes and tastes in Taiwan, which is famous for its development through Taiwan’s historical background. This beautiful island has attracted many foreigners to come to taste the authentic Taiwanese cuisine.

The night markets sell a wide variety of items from daily necessities, clothing to entertainment facilities. Night market is lively and full of gourmet, which is definitely a key trip for domestic and foreign tourists to Taipei. In this issue, MyProGuide helps you organize the top 10 shopping and delicious night markets in Taipei, as well as super-strong netizens recommending secretly must-eat in Taiwan.

If you are the one who love traditional snacks you should not miss it! Now follow the footsteps of MyProGuide tour guide Peggy Lin and enjoy the Taipei night market!

Ningxia Road Night Market

(Photo via Flickr, by othree , CC License)

The Taiwanese food in Ningxia Night Market are full of Taiwanese authentic flavors. Many food and snacks have been reported by magazines and the news medias. Many memorable ancient tastes are surely reminiscent of people. The night market is divided into several sections for passengers, cars, shopping and food areas. There are also many fun groceries and toys at an affordable price, perfect for a holiday night in Taipei.

One of the most popular cuisine is the pork liver soup. The chief has already removed the hard part, so that you would only enjoy the soft part of delicious pig liver. Do not be afraid of it before you taste it. You will surely fall in love with it!

Must eat in Taiwan Ningxia night market:

braised pork on rice, chicken wings and feet, taro cake with yolk, oyster omelette, sesame oil chicken soup, pepper shrimp, hot mochi soup, four-herbal soup

Open time: Daily 16:00~02:00

Transportation: Taipei MRT Tamsui–Xinyi line – Shuanglian Exit 1, at the intersection of Nanjing S. Rd. and Mingshen W. Rd.

Raohe Street Tourist Night Market

Raohe Street Tourist Night Market is located at the intersection of the 4th section of Bade Road and Tayou Street. From here, you can see the splendid archway, which is particularly eye-catching at night. It is the earliest night market in Taipei, the booths here are quite concentrated, and there are many kinds of foods to build this well-known Taipei night market.

(Photo via Flickr, by Jorge Gonzalez , CC License)

In Raohe Street night market, the street row is full of storefronts, together with the two rows of stalls in the middle of the road, there are still walkway space for visitors. The hundreds of vendors of delicious and fascinating food are the most lucrative in Raohe Night Market. As long as you are a frequent visitor, you can quickly find your favorite booth, which is very convenient.

If you ask people walking in the Raohe night market about what is the must-eat food here, the mostly-answered would be the ribs soup stewed with medicinal herbs! In this long-queue stand you would be served a warm soup, which you could see the amazing bones, soft and mouth-watering meat, and surely you should taste with the bean paste sauce. In the end, remember to drink the bone marrow which is a professional way of tasting. 

There are many must-eat Taiwanese food in the Raohe Street tourist night market, now follow MyProGuide tour guide Huck Yeh and explore more kinds of delicious and delicious snacks!

Must eat in Taiwan Raohe night market:

stinky tofu, Pepper cakes, ribs stewed with medicinal herbs, oyster vermicelli, Dongshan duck head

Open time: Daily 17:00~24:00

Transportation: Taipei MRT Songshan Line – SongShan station Exit 1

Shilin Night Market

(Photo via Flickr, by Eduardo M. C., CC License)

The well-know Taipei night market – Shilin Night Market – is the largest Taipei night market, and it is also a must-visit Taipei night market for foreign tourists. Shilin Night Market is the largest night market in Taipei and a must-see for foreign tourists visiting Taipei. The area is very broad. Shopping and food at Shilin Night Market can be taken once, and nearly all the Taiwanese snacks you want are available in Shilin Night Market!

Almost all kinds of featured Taiwanese food could be found here, and the top one to be recommended is the oyster omelette. In the famous stand offering oyster omelette you could taste many kinds of cuisine in one time. The hot-served oyster omelette should be enjoy right away.

The heavy aroma of eggs and peanut sauce cooperate perfectly, and you could find the original taste of oyster. Come with tour guide Belynda Chao and explore the heaven of Taiwanese food!

Must eat in Taiwan Shilin night market: 

oyster omelette, little bun wrapped in big bun, squid stew、snowflake ice, jelly tapioca pearl, deep-fried chicken cutlets, stinky tofu, pan-fried stuffed bun, ribs stewed with medicinal herbs, Shilin grilled sausage

Open time: daily 15:00 – 01:00

Transportation: Taipei MRT Tamsui Line – Jiantan station

Shida Night Market

The Shida Night Market is located in Daan District, Taipei. It has a lot of Taiwanese food and is famous for its reputation, which is not less than Shilin Night Market! Near Shida Night Market are the boutiques and gourmet snacks, mostly are younger, more diverse, and cheaper items, and the styles are also relatively new. The Shida Night Market is a Taipei night market popular among students and tourists, which is frequently interviewed by many TV shows!

(Photo via Flickr, by Kinden Kuo , CC License)

The must-eat choice in Shida night market is the pan-fried stuffed bun. The stuffed bun has been boring for a while, and the white heat pops out. It seems that each one is very full. The size of this raw stuffed bun is not big but not small, if it is not so hot, it should be able to be eaten ! The outer skin of the pan-fried stuffed bun is soft and full of sesame seeds, adding the attractive aroma. The stuffed bun is very sweet with soup. When eating, be careful to scald the bottom of the mouth with a slightly crispy skin. The taste is so great.

Must eat in Taiwan Shida night market:

pan-fried stuffed bun, soy sauce braise, Thailand grilled kebab, Korean cuisine, Sun Moon Lake black tea, tofu pudding

Open time: Daily 23:00 — 2:00

Transportation: Taipei MRT Xindian Line – Taipower Building Exit 3 and walk toward Shida Rd.

Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market

(Photo via Flickr, by LWYang , CC License)

The Wanhua area in Taipei used to be called “Monga”. Huaxi Street is very close to the pier, which was a place of business and trade in early years. People came and went in busy mode, and also promoted the development of authentic snacks and night markets attracting tourists. Because the “Longshan Temple” is famous for incense and crowds, it is also a must-visit spot for foreign tourists visiting Taipei. Therefore, there are still many food vendors selling mountain products, seafood and snacks around the night market.

Many customers are royal guests from young to old. The pork thick soup is made with the meat wrapped in sweet potato, and the exclusive ingredients of the ancestral which is different from the practice of filling the meat with fish paste on the market. Therefore, the taste of the soup is very different.

The biggest feature of the soup is “be thickened”, and the soup is all boiled, it tastes refreshing but not greasy, which highlights the thick ancient taste, for those who eat the soup It is quite refreshing.

Eat meat, of course, you can not miss its best partner – mushroom stewed pork rice! The boss uses the traditional “cut meat” to make it, and the big mushroom is made to make the grain of the meat, and the marinade is full of flavor and taste. It is also the guest’s favorite.

At the entrance of the night market, the traditional archway architectural style of the red pillars is used to greet the passengers. The red lanterns hanging from the sides of the market into the night, and the crowds flowing through, forming a lively scene.

In addition to snacks and restaurants, there are also some foot massage services and daily necessities in the market, now go around and enjoy the Taiwanese food with steps of MyProGuide tour guide Ming Ming.

Must eat in Taiwan Huaxi Street night market: 

Tainan salty rice pudding, Dan Zai noodles, ice jelly, stew shrimp, braised pork on rice

Open time: Daily 16:00 – 00:00

Transportation: Taipei MRT Banqiao Line – Longshan Temple station.

Not only nightmarkets, there are also several adorable food choices/must eat in Taipei to consider. Find the destination that attracts you the most, or book a customized tour with us and then, go!

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