Must Try Hot Pots From Different Culture

After I have introduced a list of must do or must eat in winter time, I guess you really look forward to the blog introducing the most attractive steaming hot pots, right? Here it comes! 

Everyone knows that having a hot pot feast with family or friends in the freezing cold winter is absolutely a pleasure. However, do you know that there are a variety of hot pots from different countries? Let’s check it out!

Taiwanese Hot Pot

Taiwanese small hot pot for per person. Even though it’s small, it’s got everything, right?

It’s very common to find a hot pot restaurant in the street of Taiwan. From TWD 100 hot pot to all-you-can-eat hot pot, it’s quite difficult to choose one among them, right? If you wanna experience the most local ones, let me list for you.

Stone hot pot is a popular choice for winter in Taiwan.

Manchurian pickled cabbage hot pot is one of the most classic ones. Someone think it too sour to eat because of the special taste of the sour vegetables in it, yet someone sees it as a delicacy from the heaven. After eating a piece of tender pork with a mouth of sour soup, your body will be very warm. You should try it!

Manchurian pickled cabbage hot pot is a good choice for a family reunion.

If you love the burning feeling in your mouth, this one will totally win your favor — Spicy hot pot. MyProGuide has an exclusive eating way to share with you. Please soak the fried breadstick into the red spicy soup for a few minutes, then you could devour the most delicious fried breadstick in the world, as it is well-absorbed with the fragrance of spice!

Drinking the soup in the spicy hot pot is the most terrific thing in winter.

Japanese Hot Pot

When it comes to hot pot, Japanese hot pot is a choice that you should not forget. Japanese-style hot pot is characterized by what to use as a base of the soup. There is a large variety of flavor, including tomatoes, milk, curry, miso, pork spare-rib, etc. These flavors have their own unique taste, so MyProGuide advises you to give each of them a try!

Shabu shabu (しゃぶしゃぶ) is one of the most common kinds of hot pot. However, do you have an idea about how to correctly eat it? Let MyProGuide tell you. Hold a piece of meat (usually beef) and slightly soak it into the boiled soup for several times. The action is called “shabu”, so that’s the origin of the name of this kind of hot pot. After “shabuing” it, choose one kind of sauce you prefer among a wide variety of sauce, such as sesame paste or grapefruit vinegar, then dip the meat into it at once. Learn and apply the tips in shabu shabu restaurant!

Shabu the piece of meat!

If you’re passionate about heavy taste like me, Sukiyaki will be a perfect choice for you. Different from normal hot pots, in a sukiyaki (すき焼き), there is little soup, mixed with soy sauce, sugar, and mirin (みりん), etc. Absorbing lots of sauce, the beef slices, onions and tofu taste more lip-smacking!

Korean Hot Pot

Though having never been to Korea, most people should have tried Korean cuisine before. What it features is spicy and sour Kimchi and stringy cheese! It makes my mouth water whenever I think of it, so let me introduce them with details!

Budae-jjigae (부대찌개) or sausage stew, literally “army base stew”, originated from the Korean War period, when there was a serious shortage of supplies, yet recently has become a popular dish in Korean restaurants. Now, people add slices of cheese, instant noodles, and Korean rice cakes into Budae-jjigae. Sounds not only cool but delicious, right?

Look! The cheese was melting on the noodles!
Another kind of Budae-jjigae!

Another traditional Korean hot pot is the soft tofu hot pot. The soft tofu is the kind of tofu which tastes quite soft and tender just like pudding. There’re also many kinds of flavor, such as seafood, Kimchi or small intestine of cattle, that you could choose from.

Soft tofu hot pot with Kimchi and a sun-like raw egg yolk!
Chewy Korean rice cakes are the MUST!

In addition to hot pots, these Korean restaurants usually provide other yummy dishes, such as the most famous stone pot bibimbap and seafood pancakes in either crispy or thick taste. Oh! And my favorite is the Korean fried chicken wrapped with a sour and sweet sauce. It’s like I’m in heaven while devouring it with beer! Besides, the pickled vegetables are often unlimited supplied, so don’t be shy to ask for more dishes.

Know these hot pots well after finishing reading? However, do you know why Taiwanese love hot pots that much? It’s because that “reunion” is an important part of Chinese dietary culture. A hot pot not only makes your body warm in winter time, but it also brings a family or a group of friends together to sit around a round-shaped table. Living a busy life, don’t you feel that you gradually lose contact with those intimate to you? Give a call to your family or friends and invite them to have a hot pot above one of which together. It’s your turn to maintain your own cherished relationship.

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