Things to do in Taiwan – February, 2019

Here, we are going to show you what things to do around Taiwan in February, 2019.

Please take out your travel planner and get ready to start an adventure!

1. 【Things to do in Taiwan on February】
Taipei Chinese New Year Market in Dihua street, Taipei —— 01/19-02/03

Before Chinese New Year, shopping at Chinese New Year Market is the MUST! Lasting two weeks, there are hundreds of featured stands at Dihua street, known as the biggest Chinese New Year Market. Moreover, in this year, this Chinese New Year Market also expands to Ningxia Night Market, Huayin Street Commercial District and Taipei Underground Market, etc, which will make people experience a more hilarious atmosphere.

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2.【Things to do in Taiwan on February】
LOHAS Night Cherry Blossom Festival in Neihu, Taipei—— 01/27-02/17

LOHAS Park beside Neigou River has been a popular location for cherry blossom viewing in recent years. There are cherry blossoms extending three kilometers long along Neigou River. Another reason making this a famous spot is that there are a variety of cherry blossoms here which will change their colors from soft pink to deep red.

3. 【Things to do in Taiwan on February】
Kaohsiung Lantern Festival beside Love River, Kaohsiung —— 02/09-02/20

If you want to appreciate kinds of featured lanterns around the world, you need not to go abroad as you could find them at Kaohsiung Lantern Festival! Lasting a half of a month, it is the lantern festival which lasts the most long time. In addition, you are able to enjoy fireworks during this festival.

4. 【Things to do in Taiwan on February】
Yangmingshan Flower Festival in Taipei —— 02/15-03/17

Every year, Yangmingshan Flower Festival attracts millions of tourists who love flowers. In 2018, the topic of Yangmingshan Flower Festival is the Cherry Blossom Lion. Lovely pink flowers with drizzles are indeed a romantic image!

5. 【Things to do in Taiwan on February】
Taiwan International Festival of Arts in Taipei —— 02/16-04/21

Taiwan International Festival of Arts in Taipei, called TIFA for short, is the most iconic, proactive and rich art festival in Taiwan. In addition to presenting the trend of modern performance art, they also provide multiple orientations of performance art. As a well-known activity at home and abroad, you should really have a glance of it!

6. 【Things to do in Taiwan on February】 Taipei Lantern Festival in Taipei —— 02/16-02/24

Mixing Chinese traditional culture and modern innovate art and technology together, Taipei Lantern Festival has been an iconic tourist activity in Taipei. For the purpose of attracting more crowns both local and abroad, the government not only invite international superstar and theatrical troupe but also hold a featured cultural and creative market.

MyProGuide wishes you a pleasant and colorful February.

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