Must-Go Taiwan Attractions For Viewing Cherry Blossom

Recently, the weather has become warmer, and the spring is just around the corner in Taiwan. In other words, the annual cherry blossom viewing season is coming as well. When it comes to the cherry blossom, people usually think of Japan first. However, do you know that there are lots of attractions to appreciate the cherry blossom in Taiwan?

These tourist spots are not only convenient to arrive but the scenery there will not lose the scenery in Japan absolutely. Imagine a large number of cherry blossom fly lightly in the sky right above your head, and you could take a sip of tea or have a bite of cookies with your darling or family accompany beside. What a romantic and dreamlike image it is, right? So now please be ready to take a note as MyProGuide is going to share the Taiwan attractions that you shouldn’t miss for viewing the cherry blossom!

Before introducing the spots, here are some little knowledge about the cherry blossom to tell you. There are mainly five kinds of cherry blossoms that will bloom during Taiwan’s spring. The first one is Yaezakura(八重櫻), one kind of Taiwan Cherry, but it is bigger and has a more strong red color. Second, it is Taiwan Cherry(台灣山櫻花), a native species in Taiwan. Because it could adapt the warmest weather among all the cherry blossom species, Taiwan Cherry also distribute the most widely in Taiwan. And it has a diversity in its shape and color. The third one is Cherry Tree(寒櫻).

With the surface of white on the outer and red on the inner, this kind of cherry blossom has a numerous quantity on the Yangmingshan. Forth, Showa Cherry Blossom(昭和櫻)has five lovely pink petals of each blossom. The last one is Yoshino Cherry Blossom(吉野櫻), which has a very light pink color. How diversified these flowers are! And after learning a light lesson, MyProGuide guesses you must not wait to catch hundreds of images with your camera. Then, let’s explore those amazing cherry blossom viewing locations now!

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The North Taiwan – Yangmingshan, Taipei

Called as the backyard of residents living in Taipei, Yangmingshan is not only a good choice for going for a walk but also perfect for viewing the cherry blossom. As the convenience of heading there and lots of public transportations provided by the government, there are always crowded during the flower festival.

During February to March, you could not only find the figure of cherry blossom, but there are many different kinds of blossoms for you to explore, such as Azalea and Peach blossom, at Yangmingshan Nation Park. In addition to multiple plants and animals, the fountain, bronze statue, and other hot check-in spots are various enough for you to stroll around. Therefore, MyProGuide will list Yangmingshan Flower Festival as one of must do things in March. It will become the first spring feast for your eyes in 2018.

Another recommended activity in Yangmingshan is to go to a hot spring. If having enough time, you should really go for a visit.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February to March

● Address: No.26, Sec. 2, Hushan Rd., Beitou Dist., Taipei City

● Website: Yangmingshan Flower Festival

(Photo 1: Viewing Cherry Blossom in Yangmingshan)

*Follow Taiwan tour guide to travel around Yangmingshan: Yangmingshan Tours

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The North Taiwan – 4 District in Taipei City

Here, we especially choose four districts right in Taipei City, so that viewing lovely cherry blossom will become an accessible thing. If you pay more attention to the environment around yourselves, maybe you will find that cherry blossoms just stay by your side.

Wenshan District:

Walk straight along Wanshou Road in front of National Cheng Chi University, then a park, called Pit No.1 Park(小坑一號公園), could be found. Seven years ago, about 180 Taiwan Cherry were planted depending on the advice of the resident. From then on, the park has become a good choice for cherry blossom viewing. It is a pleasure to view a beautiful image, interweaved by the blue sky and pink flowers, on the bench.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 1/30~2/28

Beitou District:

Having the highest density of cherry blossom trees, the tourists could easily view the cherry blossom in a close distance whether on Shang Qing Gong Trail(上清宮步道) or Fong Wei Trail(風尾步道). Along these trails, you are able to find many hot tourist spots for cherry blossom viewing. Secretly tell you, Beitou is a hot spring resort as well. Hence, if you wanna enjoy the hot spring and nature at the same time, Beitou will be your first choice.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 2/25~2/28

Shilin District:

Recently, Pingjing Street in Shilin District has been a popular location to view cherry blossom. Along the street, the flowers blooming in the tree on both side are really make people stunned.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 1/20~3/20

Neihu District:

It is said that there are about 116 cherry blossom trees at Green Lake Park(碧湖公園)in Neihu District. The red petals flying in the air really make people not want to leave.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 1/28~2/28

(Photo 2:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Wenshan District)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The North Taiwan – Wulai, New Taipei City

Wulai has been a famous Taiwan attraction for tourists for a long time. So, let us plan a light one day trip for you. First, you could fill your stomach at Wulai Old Street. Then, stroll down the trail and appreciate the cherry blossom and waterfall meanwhile. Last, you should end your trip in the Wulai hot spring. What a big enjoyment in a life!

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February

● Address: No.34, Pubu, Wulai Dist., New Taipei City

(Photo 3:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Wulai)

*Let MyProGuide Taiwan tour guide take you travel in Wulai

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The North Taiwan – Tamsui Tian Yuen Temple, Taipei

There used to be the biggest cherry blossom tree, called King of Cherry Blossom(櫻王), in Tian Yuen Temple. Unfortunately, it was dead in 2016. However, don’t be upset too early. Another cherry blossom tree will be planted on the original location, so please look forward to it!

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: mid-January to March

● Address: No.36, Sec. 3, Beisin Rd., Tamsui Dist., New Taipei City

*Let have a light trip in Tamsui: Tamsui Tours

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Wuling Farm, Taichung

Wuling Farm is said to be the most beautiful cherry blossom viewing area in Taiwan! The visitors recommended people to appreciate the cherry blossom both at the daytime and at night because you could have a far different but both pleasant feelings in a trip. As a result of its high popularity, there are a huge number of people want to enter the farm. So that if you wanna stay for one night, you should reserve the room previously, or you could just have a one day trip.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February

● Address: No.3-1, Wuling Rd., Heping Dist., Taichung City

(Photo 5:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Wuling Farm)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Xinshe, Taichung

As we mentioned above, Yangmingshan is the backyard of people living in Taipei, while Xinshe is Taichung residents’ backyard. Because Xinshe is not only abounded with mushrooms, but people love to visit Xinshe for cherry blossoms in the spring and for fireflies in the summer. The best thing is that as the cherry blossom avenue is just beside the highway, you could have a visual feast of cherry blossoms without being jam-packed!

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February

● Address: No.28-1, Sec. 2, Xinshe St., Xinshe Dist., Taichung City

(Photo 6:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Xinshe)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Dakeng Zhuoshui Lane, Taichung

In recent years, Dakeng Zhuoshui Lane has gone viral, and because of this, nature here was ruined badly. Hence, the owner decided to close this place for three years, and it’s expected to open again in the next year. So if you wanna take a look, please follow the immediate news of the website patiently.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February

● Address: Zhuoshui Ln., Beitun Dist., Taichung City

(Photo 7:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Dakeng Zhuoshui Lane)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Dongshih Forest Garden, Taichung

Not only is Dongshih Forest Garden a good choice for viewing cherry blossoms, but people visit here for its rich species regardless of seasons. If you have time, why not stay a night in this garden? You could experience the cabin life with the nature surrounding around. Isn’t it sound great?

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February to March

● Address: No.6-1, Shihlin St., Dongshih Dist., Taichung City

(Photo 8:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Dongshih Forest Garden)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Tai-an Police Station, Taichung

After walking out of Tai-an Train Station, there will be shuttle buses during cherry blossom festival. Known as the most beautiful police station, you could admire the cherry blossom both at the daytime and at night. Moreover, there are many food stands along the road, so you don’t have to worry about being hungry.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: February to March

● Address: No.1, Anmei Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City

(Photo 9:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Tai-an Police Station)

*Taichung is absolutely a good place for traveling: Day Tour in Taichung

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The Central Taiwan – Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Nantou

You will be well-satisfied with the whole view of fuchsia Yaezakura, which is the most representative in Taiwan. The most attractive thing is that the visitors are able to rent the Japanese kimono during cherry blossom festival. Immersed yourselves in this romantic season, you will feel like you just roam in Japan. Moreover, there are also direct buses to Sun Moon Lake. Isn’t it very convenient to visit a lot Taiwan attractions in one day?

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 2/2 ~ 2/28

● Address: No.45, Jintian Ln., Yuchih Township, Nantou County

(Photo 10:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village)

Viewing Cherry Blossom |The South Taiwan – Alishan, Chiayi

The cherry blossom festival at Alishan is later than other areas, but only here could you catch the image of Yoshino Cherry Blossoms with the small train accompany beside. And here we have to remind you that during this period, there are countless local and abroad visitors crowded at Alishan, so please remember to plan your trip earlier!

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: 3/15-4/15

● Address: No.3-16, Chukou, Fanlu Township, Chiayi County

(Photo 11:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Alishan)

Viewing Cherry Blossom | The East Taiwan – Shoufong Township, Hualien

Compared to other areas in Taiwan, Hualien has fewer people, so that you could enjoy the scenery more comfortably. In Shuhu, beside the cherry blossom in the spring, the is  sea of flowers at all seasons, so it’s suitable to travel here all the year.

● Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Period: January to late February

● Address: Shuhu, Shoufong Township, Hualien County

(Photo 12:Viewing Cherry Blossom in Shoufong Township)

Do you gain a lot after finishing this blog? Then, the next step is to plan a romantic trip immediately!

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