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How to Get Higher Tips as a Tour Guide

Gratuity received from guests are such pivotal rewarding for tour guides at the end of the service. In term of tipping etiquette, guests tip you 10—20 percent of the cost of the tour. The acceptable amount for gratuity vary based on which region you are in, what language you need to speak with locals or your foreign guests, the length of your tour (in days) and so on. Take Taiwan as an example. Tour guides leading tours in these countries are allowed to earn tips ranging from NT$200 to NT$250 per day in minimum.

Even though guests understand tipping etiquette and give you what you deserve, is there any possibilities for getting higher tips? It is possible to increase the amount guests tip you only if you realize how to win their hearts. Let’s see the tactics of earning more tips.

1.  Be an Amateur, Nice Photographer during Tour

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People would pay you tips based on tipping etiquette, however, getting higher tips is up to the quality of tour you lead, whether it is a memorable trip for your guests or otherwise. As a result, you are supposed to put extra efforts during service and create their remarkable experiences, such as taking beautiful pictures for guests as you are in an attraction spot.

Taking photos is always a vital part of travelling in particular in the social media era, capturing every remarkable piece of memory during trips. In order to make good impression and to get higher tips, you need to concern photography skills, so that you are able to take satisfactory pictures on tour. Ask guests on your own initiative to see if they like someone to take photos of them at an attraction.

2.  Be Attentive to your Guests

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How good the impression you make to people on tour would definitely affect the amount your guests tip you. It is possible your guests encounter mentally or physically challenges when they do not get used to surrounding conditions and culture in a foreign country.

You need to read faces and speak with them so that you understand how your guests feel, whether feel comfortable or get enough rest during the journey. As long as there are elders and young kids on tour, you pay extra attention on them in particular concerning about their health conditions to ensure they have fun and most importantly, be alright.

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3. Do not Make Your Guests Get Bored

Nobody expects you become a clown or a comedian on tour, however, having a sense of humor would literally help you smooth entire trip and probably get higher tips at the end of journey. Never underestimate the magic of humor. No one is a genius in the beginning, you can start with collecting jokes and funny stories from any sources on daily basis and practice with friends to see how it is going. If you hope guests tip you more than the expected amount, enrich their travelling experiences with pleasant and interesting memories.

4. Always Smile at Your Guests

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Even if you are upset about difficult problems on tour, never reflect poor emotions on your face. Moreover, every tone and way you speak with them matter. People sense your temper through your facial expressions and attitude you present. This one may sound trivial to you, but it affects the people think of you. People may still give you tips at the end based on tipping etiquette. Nevertheless, they do not truly satisfy with the service that it ends up affecting your business.

5. Make Sure They Would Remember You

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Think of a few unique and attracting lines for your introduction so that people are able to remember your name and person in a short period of time. Introduction is important to leave good impression to your guests, make sure prepare well for the opportunity people get to know you. Besides handing out your business card, giving a small paper card with a few words saying goodbye at the end of the journey helps them to remember you more as well. This is also possible to get higher tips since they feel your kindness.

6. Appropriate Physical Contact Helps You Look Amiable

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Based on a psychological concept, people are more likely to feel close to someone who touches their arms during conversation. Your guests tip you due to tipping etiquette, but whether you are able to get higher tips than the acceptable amount is up to what impression you make to guests. People like to travel with friendly tour guides who are easy to communicate with, they are more likely to ask your help and content with the service.

7. Build up Your Own Media Platform

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Having your own media platform is constrictive to touring career with many benefits. For instance, MyProGuide tour guides own their media platform on the Internet, this enable guests to leave reviews or comments on them. When guests are about to send feedbacks to us, the system asks guests if they are willing to tip the tour guide. Therefore, building up your own media platform gets better chance to get higher tips.

Practice makes perfect. We believe that following these tactics surely helps you get higher tips as well as developing as an impressive guide in near future.

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