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5 Reasons Why Everyone Dreams to Become a Tour Guide

There is no impeccable dream job on the planet, but tour guides are most likely to be one. Based on a research from the Ohio State University, the level of satisfaction with job influences people’s health condition in their later years.

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Are you happy with your current job? If you like taking adventures, why don’t you make this become your job? We can ensure you there is no need for you to cope with tedious work tasks in an office cubicle, depleted by those depressing workloads that affect your personal life negatively, as becoming a tour guide.

It is reasonable to think about risks you take as a tour guide and choose a stable job instead, however, is this all you want for a living in life? It may look worrisome, but the reality is that the advantages of becoming a tour guide are more than people expect. We like to present you the five attracting reasons and advice for being a tour guide.

Here are the good reasons why being a tour guide would be a right fit for you:

1. Cost Nothing While Traveling

If you have a strong feeling of wanderlust but a little budget of traveling across all corners of the world, the job resolves the financial problem for you. Once becoming a certified tour guide, you do not need to spend a penny on meals, accommodations, transportation as leading tour groups, all the costs are covered by your agency.

2.  Visit More Places & Countries

Becoming a full-time traveler is never a fantasy! The role of tour guides includes getting to know fascinating attractions. Therefore, you will experience a variety of itineraries assigned by your tour company. Even though it is challenging to prepare and to study for new destinations, the process is worthwhile and rewarding once you get there and make stunning memories with guests during new adventures.

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3.  Make Friends from Corners of the World

Do you like making friends with people from different places or countries? This is what tour guides can achieve. Since the prime mission for tour guides is guiding people in foreign places, they need to listen to guests and even see them as friends while creating exhilarating travel experiences for touring groups. Moreover, the role of tour guides would be dealing with traveling situations with the local in a new place, they are possible to become your friends as well. Well, people having friends from corners of the world always gets easier when backpacking one day.

4.  Know a Destination Well

The role of tour guides is not only a traveling companion but also a historian, geographer, interpreter, public speaker and so on. Also you will know the best diners, lounge bars, cafes of a destination like the local. Almost everything you learn from the job would meet your interests and benefit more than you think.

5. Enrich Your Life Experiences

As we know, the job is not about dealing with work tasks at an office desk. In the meantime enjoying your adventures, you would face all kinds of unexpected challenges such as adverse weather conditions, traffic accidents and closing of a museum. Each of the challenges you encounter would be memories or interesting stories to share with others including the next generation.

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Do the reasons about being a tour guide meet your considerations of an ideal job? If you are wondering about becoming a certified tour guide, here are some advice we make for you:

1. Have Patience

The process of becoming a qualified tour guide is not easy, you are required to prepare yourself well and run interviews for a while before being hired by tour companies. This pattern applies to all sorts of occupations.

2. Always Hold a Positive Attitude

It is understandable for you to feel lost and depressed by some failures before all your efforts are paid off. When you feel frustrating, ask yourself the reasons motivates you to become a tour guide. Also be positive toward the situation you stuck in since nothing is impossible!

3. Act Like a Qualified Tour Guide

Once you are paid to lead tour groups, you are supposed to go to the extra miles for every guest as long as they have reasonable requirements of the service. The role of tour guides is to be an attentive and personable traveling companion as well. That is to say, simply focusing on the relevant professions/skills you possess does not make you a real qualified tour guide. You ought to be acting like one.

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If you were struggling on whether to join the tourism industry, we hope the reasons to become a tour guide helps you organize your thought and know more the role of tour guides as well. It is never too late to become a certified tour guide as long as you give yourself a chance and take action. Also, you are always welcome to contact us and ask any related questions if you need to. Hope you will score the ideal job soon!

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