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Cabaret Shows and Transgender Artists in Thailand | The Knowns and Unknowns – MyProGuide

Cabaret Shows and Transgender Artists in Thailand | The Knowns and Unknowns

Thailand, a place where traditional culture and unique features bind together. Soaking in the warm heat of Southeast Asia, cabaret shows with transgender artists dancing under the glimmered lights, and passionate festivals awaiting. MyProGuide’s local tour guide in Thailand, Ruth, is here to tell you all what cabaret shows are all about, where to visit cabaret shows, and what should you have in mind before entering the world of transgender artist.

Here are some Thailand travel tips for you.

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Thailand’s cabaret shows are worldwide famous, especially transgender shows. It is famous because transgender culture has assimilated into their society and is a part of their daily life. “Kathoeys” in Thai, also known as “transgender women”, or “ladyboys” in English vocabulary. Those ladyboys are men who choose to have a feminine appearance. Some of them simply enjoy the pleasure from dressing as the opposite sex, and the others have gone under a series of transition process to female and identify themselves as transgender.

When you go out for breakfast and the people sitting around you are transgender people, it is not a weird phenomenon to see in Thailand. Apart from the delicious food from Thailand, transgender culture might be one of the reasons why Thailand is such an attracting destination to visit.

Are there different kinds of cabaret shows?

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There are two types of transgender show: first, normal cabaret show. The transgender artists sing, dance, and take photos with you. It is considered normal for people to touch their breasts and private areas, because it is their job to make you feel that you are interacting with a transgender person. But do remember to tip them afterward! Tipping costs around $100 bhat. It’s not much but is considered as being polite, this is one of the Thailand travel tips you must keep in mind.  The second kind of show is more for adults since some naked scenes are included.

Why do so many people become transgender artists especially in Thailand?

You may wonder, “Why do people choose to become transgender artists?”

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According to our Thailand tour guide Ruth, Buddhism is an important religion in Thailand.  Thai men are expected to enter a monastery before marriage as a sign that he will be a devoted and thoughtful husband, being able to guide his wife on the right path.

Some women might not even marry a man that has not had such experience. As a result, there are more female than male in Thailand. Young boys tended to be affected by young girls since childhood and some of them might wanted to become a transgender person. Thai men are also allowed to have more than one girlfriend, which is seen as very common and usual because of the population between male and female are lopsided.

 “When there are 20 kids in a room, 15 are girls and 5 are boys, they grew up together. The boys are affected by the girls, seeing them doing make-up…”  Ruth added. Young transgender artists are allowed to perform from 18 years old and continue their work in cabaret shows until the age of 40. Some people choose to become transgender artists because the money they earn is higher than most of the other jobs.

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Recommended from the local tour guide: Places to watch transgender cabaret shows

If you are looking for the best experience of transgender cabaret show, tour guide  Ruth suggests the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise.

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It is not just another usual boat ride like you usually expect. Before having the opportunity to perform on the cruise, the transgender artists have to pass through several difficult competitions. It is known that the transgender artists on Chao Phraya Princess Cruise are the most beautiful and outstanding ones in Thailand! Other than cabaret shows, you can also enjoy nice decent buffet meal on the cruise. Beer, champagne, and beautiful faces, all aboard the Chao Phraya Princess Cruise to sail towards the greatest vacation ever.

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Some tips and notice for an enjoyable cabaret show in Thailand:

  1. Remember to tip the hard-working cabaret show performers
  2. Touching is allowed when taking pictures (They might even grab your hand to touch their breasts)
  3. Although it is their job to be a transgender artist, showing respect is always important
  4. Transgender artists are normal humans, not freaks
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Entire city streets dedicated to the transgender community, and transgender shows are a top attraction for visitors, if you don’t know where to start, custom tour guides like Ruth are always a good solution, Customize your tour to enjoy a better way of exploring the greatness of unknown culture.

Meet our tour guide:

from MyProGuide Thailand

ruth-ali-tour-guide-myproguide Ruth | You’ll love where i take you.



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Ruth 說: 有些人是受身邊的人影響,例如同班的男生同學會受女生同學影響而開始化妝,言行舉止也越來越像女生。也有一些人是因為人妖秀的工資比較優渥,所以選擇變性來養家。


1. 記得給這些辛苦工作的表演者小費

2. 可以觸摸表演者身體(他們甚至會抓起你的手去觸碰)

3. 給予基本的尊重是必需的,請尊重包容友善

4. 他們都是正常人類,請不要投以異樣的目光



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