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Insider Guide About Nightlife In Bangkok You Have To Experience It Yourself

What comes into your mind when speaking of the night of Bangkok? Are there neon lights sparkling in your eyes? You might also pass by massive signs calling you to have a seat in all different kinds of cabaret shows. The sight of mouth-watering street food and the smell of exotic flavor flooding the streets. Nightlife in Bangkok is what you want for the best night out with your amigos.

(Credit: Hanny Naibaho on Unsplash)

Matthew is MyProGuide’s local tour guide in Bangkok, Thailand. His dream job since childhood is to become a tour guide and bring great service to his customers. From his 10-year-experience as a tour guide, here are some local-guaranteed recommendation for you to kickstart your exploration in the night of Bangkok.

What to do in Bangkok at night?

To kick start the night, you must get your tummy filled before all the upcoming adventures. Apart from local street foods, Matthew recommends getting a buffet from Baiyoke sky hotel for a bit of a fancy dinner.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Breath-taking view from above

Dining on the 78th floor with wine and cocktails, you can also see a breathtaking view of the metropolis city from high above, watching cars race beneath your feet like toy cars, and street lights that look like fairy lights hanging in your room. Bangkok’s nightlife seen from high above looks like sweet dreams, that you are about to enter. After dinner, you can head to the rooftop for a better view and a nice instagrammable photo.

Baiyoke Sky Hotel during daytime (Credit: Bangkok tourism hub)

Cabaret Shows

(Credit: flickr)

After dinner, head off to one of Thailand’s famous cabaret shows to see some transgender artists as known as Ladyboys. Live music and broadway-style shows will heat up your evening. Calypso Cabaret show is famous for its transgender show on performing famous Hollywood stars like Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and so on.

Tickets can be purchased in advance online, and the best part is you get a free drink per ticket! Live show and drinks! The night is just starting to get even more interesting!

With the upbeat music and festive show ending, the night has only just started. Watching cabaret shows are like injecting happiness into your veins, the music is stuck into your head, and every tune you hear makes you want to dance along.

Royal City Avenue

Heat up the night with some clubbing (Credit: Pinterest)

Royal City Avenue is where you can get the groove ongoing. It is known as the largest entertainment and clubbing area in Bangkok. As the best nightlife zone in Bangkok, famous clubs like Route 66 and Slim are packed with people every night. The legendary Route 66 is famous for its broad genre of music, different rooms for different music, and to join in this big music juice box is only 300 baht each person. Don’t miss out on the dancing and your favorite local DJ artists!

Grand Palace

(Credit: Flickr)

A view to bring peace to your mind.

To simmer down your party vibe and some rest for your dancing body, a treat for your eyes and some fresh air is the best. The famous Grand Palace looks rather different at night time. A hint of calm and elegance of rich golden lights up the night sky of this busy city, yet the sight of it calms and drowns out all the city noise and brings peace to your mind.

Tuk tuk Food Tours

(Credit: Florian Wehde on Unsplash)

Mark a yummy pleasure before your night ends .

After clubbing and dancing around Bangkok, it is time to feed your soul, and the best way to do that is to eat some great food. Midnight food might just be one of the top three most amazing things in life. To take it to the next level, going on a midnight tuk tuk food tour is what’s up!

Get a customized tuk tuk food tour with our local tour guide

Rolling around the city on a tuk tuk to get some local street food like Pad Thai, the mixture of stir fry and Thai spice. Or stop for some freshening Som Tam made with fresh vegetables and seafood topping up with lime juice and some spice.

(Credit: pairote mangsa on Pixabay )

Get some Poh Pia Tod, which are like spring rolls, to give your night some of that crispy delight!

(Credit: pinterest)

The tour also takes you around some famous landmarks, the best thing is you get to see them underneath the night sky, a totally different view from what you see during daytime. The tour ends at taking you to a secret bar for a second drink. What could be more “Midnight Bangkok” than this? Great food, great view, and great people are the three elements you want for the best night out in Bangkok.

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