Thailand Travel Guide: How to get around with Local Transport

Thailand, the country of tropical fruits, elephants, golden temples and world famous cuisines, get ready to merge into sunshine, passion, and the richness of Thai culture.

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Transportation in Thailand can be confusing. Standing on the street, you can see all sorts of colored taxis, tuk tuks, songthaew and motorbikes, on the other hand, there is also public transports you can choose from to get around Thailand, like the metro, skytrain, busses and also boats that run in the small water canals.

Taxis are everywhere all over the world. In Thailand, taxis have different colors like blue, red, green, and the typical yellow for you to transport in Thailand. They used to have different meanings of what the car features, but now they’re all mixed-up, so if you want to make sure you get on one with AC you’d better ask before hopping on. Taxi rides start at 35 baht (USD $1.09) and add 6 baht (USD $0.19) every 1 kilometer.

There are also websites where you can calculate how much you might spend to get to your destination. Now there are also apps like ‘GrabTaxi’ so you can get around Thailand without needing to wait for a ride on the streets. We recommend taxis to travelers who want a cheap and comfortable ride to their destination.

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Tuk tuks are three-wheeled motorized vehicles where they put a small engine into a traditional rickshaw. In old times, the engines makes a ‘ tuk tuk tuk tuk’ sound, and that is why we call it tuk tuks . Thankfully, tuk tuks don’t make those sounds anymore and are much safer to travel in. We recommend tuk tuk rides for travelers who want a fresh experience. Most people first agree a fare with the tuk tuk drivers before they hop on because they are not as cheap as taxis but is a great experience to have while getting around Thailand. As they are carefree and fun for travelers, they have become a very popular transport in Thailand.

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Songthaew means “two row” in English, which is a small pick-up truck with two rows of seat on its back which you can get to transport in Thailand. If you’re not in a hurry and willing to wait 10 to 15 minutes, hop on a Songthaew for a cheap ride to get around Thailand for just 10 baht (USD $0.31). Just press the stop button like when you want to get off on a bus. Songthaews are only available in small cities rather than big ones like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Songthaew rides are recommended to travelers who are traveling from small cities and want a cheap ride.

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Motorbikes is also a popular choice for travelers to transport in Thailand, you can either rent one or there is also a service called ‘motorcycle taxi’ which you can get around Thailand on the back of someone’s motorbike. We recommend this to solo travelers because you can only fit one person in the back of a motorbike and also when you don’t have too many things to carry. Motorbikes are fast, convenient, and cheap, and the greatest idea is to transport in Thailand freely when there is a huge traffic jam and watch everyone get stuck on the road while you swift away in small alleys.

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As for city lovers, Thailand’s Metro and Skytrain is something you would love! They are fast, convenient, and at a reasonable price that will get you around Thailand. The Metro transports through Bangkok and the metropolitan area while the Skytrain goes above the city on bridges away from the crazy traffic below. The Metro and Skytrain covers most of the tourist areas and has AC! Traveling around Thailand in summer just got better. They also sell day passes so you can enjoy traveling around Thailand nice and comfortable while saving money.

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Thinking of traveling from cities to cities? The train is what you might be interested in! It is the cheapest way to travel around Thailand. Though not the fastest of all transportation, you are able to see different views of the country on the way and enjoy the scenery. And at a reasonable price, it still gets you to your destination. You could take the train to Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is the largest city in northern Thailand; it is the former capital city of Chiang Mai province while also being filled with mysterious mountains and colorful hill tribes. Apart from that, they have everything you could ask for on a vacation. Handcrafts, night markets, and massages. Sunny Pimphiw is a Chiang Mai local who can show you around some great places like Mae Kampong, a local village hiding from the urban city, surrounded by a beautiful environment and very fresh air.

If you are looking for a place to slow down life and drink some Arabica coffee, Mae Kampong is your next destination. Save the time you wait for a taxi or tuk tuk, Sunny will take you around with his own private van, not only you get to escape the traffic problems you also get to know more about Thailand from the people who know it best!  Chiang Mai is small but has it all.

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Another must-do in Thailand is to get on a boat and start shopping at Thailand’s famous floating markets like Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa, and Taling Chan Floating Markets which are highly recommended by travelers all over the world, it will be the highlight of your stay. Markets open early in the morning, so if you want to get a glance of a lively floating market, you might want to get up real early to get to the pier by bus.

Hop onto a decorated long-tail boat and a boat driver will get you around the market. Floating down the narrow canals with neat little wooden houses along the side, the sound of vendors cracks the morning silence with passion and hospitality. You can enjoy fruits, coconut pancakes, and boat noodles with rich meaty broth in the market, and also get souvenirs while cruising through. Spending some time in a boat to get around Thailand’s floating markets is a thing you surely wouldn’t want to miss.

So how do you start a trip? Well, we suggest with the locals! Apart from searching for all sorts of transportations, customized tours provides you the best localized tour you can ever experience. Want to have a go on all transportations in Thailand? Simply fill in an inquiry and we’ll do the rest!

Our local tour guides will then make itineraries for you to choose from. Our local tour guide Ruth Ali speaks English, Chinese, Hindi and Thai! And he sure knows all the fun places around Bangkok! Phatto Khwanphiphat can take you around Thailand in Japanese! Your best traveling experience awaits!

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