Thailand Travel Guide: Transportation, Weather, Festivals, and more

Thailand travel is generally popular among travelers these years. This is a place perfectly suitable for travelers with budget, or those who love the cultural and authentic scenes of South-East country. Follow our step and get to know more about this lovable country – Thailand!

Thailand Public Transportation

There is a number of buses, minibuses and taxis on the Thailand streets along with private vehicles for Thailand travel. One of the most-used public transportation in Bangkok and other cities in Thailand is Tuk-tuks.

(Tuk-tuks is the most-used transportation in Bangkok.)

The following is the ticket prices of common traffic way in Thailand:  

If you are a traveler with passion of public transportation, there are several choices for you!

First, the train system is Thailand basically contains 4 lines: Northern Line with terminate Chiang Mai, Southern Line to Singapore via Butterworth, Northeastern Line, and Eastern Line. These lines start from Hua Lamphong in Bangkok.

Thailand Living Costs

Currency rate: USD$1 = THB$33

Daily cost of traveling is quite important for your Thailand travel. It depends on your travel to Thailand content and budget counting. Here is some information about living costs in Thailand for your reference.

Cost of living in Thailand is about 35.19% lower than that in United States (aggregate data for all cities, rent is not taken into account). Rent in Thailand is about 55.72% lower than that in United States (average data for all cities).

The restaurant costs are basic concept for your delicious memory when traveling in Thailand. The overall restaurants ranges as following:

  • Meal, Inexpensive Restaurant — 60.00 ฿  
  • McMeal at McDonalds (or Equivalent Combo Meal) — 198.44฿               
  • Domestic Beer (0.5 liter draught) — 70.00 ฿  
  • Coffee (regular) — 59.13 ฿  
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.33 liter bottle) — 19.68 ฿  
  • Water (0.33 liter bottle) — 10.18 ฿  

Thailand Weather 

Knowing well the weather before starting Thailand travel is quite important. Here is basic knowledge of Thailand weather that you can note before you travel to Thailand.

High Season (Nov. to Mar.)

A cool and dry season follows the monsoons, which the landscape is lush and temperatures are comfortable.

Western Christmas and New Year’s holidays in this period would bring crowds and inflated rates.

Shoulder Season (Apr–Jun, Sep & Oct)

 April to June is generally very hot and dry, with an average Bangkok temperature of 30°C. Now you can visit sea where the breezes in coastal areas will provide natural air-conditioner. September and October are ideal for the north and the gulf coast.

Low Season (Jul–Oct)

Monsoon season ranges from afternoon showers to major flooding, the time when rain is usually in short and intense bursts. This period some islands may shut down; boat service is limited during stormy weather. Be noted with Thailand weather and flexible with your traveling plan to Thailand.

Best Seasons to travel in Thailand and fun festivals

Apart from knowing Thailand weather, there are lots of cool seasons which are seen as the best time for you to travel to Thailand from November to February. Some of these seasons are the busiest time of a whole year. Besides, the great weather in most parts of Thailand is the greatest feature of this country.

Shoulder Season: March to May

This period with its lower rates is usually deadly hot, especially in the north-east with higher humidity levels. Fun seekers would definitely join water battles during the Songkran celebrations in mid-April. 

(The Songkran celebration is the must-join festival for foreigners.)

From May to October, Southwest monsoon affects northern territories and west coast of the Thai peninsula (Phuket and Krabi areas), peaking in September. East coast of the Thai peninsula, facing the Gulf of Thailand (places like Koh Samui), and experiences the northeast monsoon roughly between September and December. Just for the record, you still can enjoy your diving and kiteboarding during the low season. Besides, May to October is the best time to get good deals in Thailand. Here is list of famous festivals in Thailand, show your passion!

  1. Chinese New Year Bangkok – January or February
  2. Water Festival (Songkran), Everywhere – April 
  3. Ghost Festival (Phi Ta Khon) Dan Sai, Loei Province – June or July 
  4. Rocket Festival (Boon Bang Fai) Yasothorn Province – June or July 
  5. Candle Festival Ubon Ratchathani – July
  6. Buffalo Racing Festival (Wing Kwai) Chonburi – October
  7. Vegetarian Festival Phuket – October
  8. Lantern Festival (Yi Peng) Chiang Mai – November
  9. Lopburi Monkey Banquet Lopburi – November
  10. Wonderfruit Music and Arts Festival Pattaya – December

Thailand cuisines

There is a topic that food-lover never miss – the local cuisines! There are four most popular gourmet that are loved by Thailand travelers.

Mango & Coconut milk Sticky Rice:

The must-eat special serve with one of best fruits of Thailand – Mango mixes with glutinous rice.

Banana pancake: Egg roll skin with sweet banana slices, along with heavy taste condensed milk, which will surely make you mouth water.

Thai Tea: It is different from traditional milk tea, which replace milk by condensed milk. The super sweetness and lovely orange color catches many eyes of sweet-overs.

Coconut ice cream: The best mate for humid weather. Coconut ice cream is the must-eat cuisine, and there’s not only the coconut ice cream but you can also eat the coconut meat!

The emergency numbers of Thailand

When you are traveling out from your home country, it is quite essential to remember the emergency phone number in case there is accident in your Thailand travel. The following shows the useful emergency phone numbers of Thailand.

Thailand code — +66
Health Emergency or Accident Call — 1669
Fire Emergency Call — 199
Law Enforcement Emergency or Assistance (Tourist Police) Call This Number — 1155

Other Tourist Police Numbers:

Bangkok tourist assistance Center — 02 2815051
Pattaya tourist police — 038 429371
Phuket tourist police — 076 225361
Chiang Mai tourist police — 053 248130

Other Useful Numbers

Tourist Service Center — 1672
Telephone Directory Assistance — 1133

Official language of Thailand

The official language of Thailand is Thai language, sometimes known as Siamese, consists of Thai alphabet. Most of Thailand people see it as native language. Other from Thai language, in Thailand, the gesture is quite important to greetings, too. Mostly the preying gesture is the first movement when Thai people meet each other. In their temples and religious festivals, they would use the gesture of putting their palms together to show their sincerity.

So, remember to put your palms together when you first meet a Thai person! Or there we show you some basic greetings that you can learn for use when you travel to Thailand:

We believe that you have the basic knowing of Traveling in Thailand and Thailand festival, now plan your next travel to Thailand by our Customized page!

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