The 2 Most Famous Hills in Mandalay

Two Hills that are a Must Visit in Mandalay

Mandalay is the second-largest city in Myanmar and is located on the East bank of the Irrawaddy River. Mandalay is known as the cultural capital of Myanmar because of the Myanmar King Palace (form the Konbaung Dynasty). When you arrived in Mandalay, you can see many amazing views like hills, Irrawaddy River, green trees, a breath of fresh air, a clear blue sky, and many ancient pagodas of the Myanmar Culture. The most famous hills include Mandalay Hill and Saging Hill (near Mandalay).

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1. Mandalay Hill

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Mandalay Hill is located at the north side of Mandalay and 240 meters high. Since a long long time ago, Myanmar Kings and Myanmar people have believed that by going to the Mandalay hill meant to have an impact on a longer life. It means that by climbing the Mandalay hill on foot is good for health and paying homage to the pagodas along the way meant longevity.

Mandalay Hill is known for its abundance of pagodas and monasteries. Mandalay Hill provides views of the Mandalay city from its summit. When you get to the top of Mandalay Hill, you can see a really amazing view with fresh air.

2. Sagaing Hill

Sagaing Hill is located at the Sagaing Region. Sagaing is the capital of the Sagaing Region by the Irrawaddy River, 20km to the south-west of Mandalay. Sagaing, with numerous Buddhist monasteries, is an important religious and monastic center and has more than 300 religious buildings. It is characterized by its beauty and its peacefulness.

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Sagaing Hills (240meter) has many pagodas, monasteries and meditation centers which are known as a peaceful for Buddhist studies. U Min Thonze and Soon U Ponya Shin Pagodas are the most known at Sagaing Hill. Along the way of Sagaing, you can see beautiful Salay Yoke Sone Monastery and many religious Buildings. At the top of Sagaing Hill, you will see the beauty of Myanmar’s nature.

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