3 Must Visit Places at Minkun, Myanmar

3 places not to miss when visiting at MinKun

MinKun is a peaceful village with many famous historical cultures from the Myanmar Kings. It sits on the bank of Irrawaddy River, 7miles north-west from the Mandalay City. MinKun is famous with three historical sites…

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1. Minkun Bell

MinKun Bell is the 2nd largest ringing bell in the world, it was cast in  1728 -1819 by King Bodawpaya. The weight of the bell in Burmese measurement is 55,555 viss or peiktha (1viss =1.63kg), handed down as a mnemonic “Min Phyu Hman Hman Pyaw”. If you get to MinKun, don’t miss the chance to visit and remember to ring the Bell.

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2. MinKun Pathodawgyi

MinKun Pathodawgyi is a gigantic unfinished stupa, the ruins are the remains of massive construction project begun by King Bodawpaya in 1790. This foundation is 450 feet in width and 162 feet in height (if the project was finished, it would have been 500 feet tall). This is a very ancient temple of Myanmar King. And nearby it is the remain parts of Big Lion Statues. If you find yourself at MinKun, don’t forget to take a photo with this big ancient buildings.

3. Mya Thein Tan Pagoda

Mya Thein Tan Pagoda is a beautiful white colored pagoda, it was built in1816 by Bagyidaw. The design was based on the descriptions of the mythical ‘Sulamani Pagoda’ on Mount Meru. There have seven steps of wave architecture design and represents the seven mountain ranges going up to the Mount Meru according to Buddhist mythology. This temple is an amazing architecture so don’t miss the opportunity to meet this ancient pagoda.

There is two way of transportations to go to MinKun, land, and water. For those who want to meet fresh air blowing from Irrawaddy River and those that want to see the ancient temple and culture of Myanmar, welcome to MinKun.

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