10 Irreplaceable Reasons to Hire a Local Tour Guide

Going abroad is always tinged with excitement, romance, a little hesitation, and undaunting faith to explore a new world. As we mentioned some reasons why you should hire a local tour guide. Perhaps you will be surprised that traveling with a local tour guide can balance both freedom and efficiency. Today, let’s sum up those 10 irreplaceable reasons why hiring a local tour guide is so important to keep your journey smooth and meaningful. Check them out.

1. Reduce Language Barriers to Communicate 

Embarking on travel is magnetic for anyone who is interested in discovering new things. However, it’s inevitable for travelers to face communication burden if visiting those countries that speak different languages. As it’s widely known that a lot of difficulties and mistakes are caused by multilingual communication. Some may put it that this kind of problem can be solved by utilizing body language. Body language does improve communication, yet unable to convey more accurate details of conversation. If your tour guide is aside, you could not only survive this issue, but savor the beauty of new culture. 

2. Safer When Accompanied with Tour Guide

Besides language barriers, the risk resulted from cultural differences might put travelers in danger. As some news broadcast that many foreigners have invaded into local prohibited areas because of misunderstanding. Also, in some areas, without a tour guide’s leading, even wandering on streets at night may be risky for travelers. Travelers will be exposed in hazard of robbery, harassment, lost of direction, etc.. 

When it comes to transportation, sometimes travelers prefer driving rent car. However, you may be confused with the direction and unfamiliar with local traffic law. 

If you take a nature trip, such as mountain climbing, hiking, swimming in a remote lake, remember to call a tour guide to accompany you. 

3. Get to Know Local Culture in a Short Time 

In many cases, travelers do not spend too much time staying in one place. For example, some travelers haven’t expected how vibrant and cultural diverse Taipei is, so, they only spend 24 hours in Taipei.

Learning something about local culture will add highlights to your trip. Try joining a walking tour with local tour guides. You can show more about politeness and friendliness, like greeting and expressing thankful in local language to local people. Also, you are able to avoid cultural taboos if instructed by a tour guide.

Then, struggling lack of time is what time-conscious travelers must be faced with. Therefore, catching some ideas regarding local culture will benefit you during your trip. You can show more about politeness and friendliness, like greeting and expressing thankful in local language to local people. Also, you are able to avoid cultural taboos if instructed by a tour guide.

Where to go when you only have a short time in Taipei

Join a walking tour to explore Taipei with efficiency

4. Don’t Assume Your Local Friends Are Familiar with Everything

We are living in a global village, with high-tech mobiles and 3C devices that can inform you almost everything. Through the Internet, it’s not a big deal to make foreign friends from the opposite side of the world. However, sometimes even though you consult your local friends about travel destinations, itinerary arrangement, or some historical and cultural stories, they probably fail to satisfy your need. It’s because being a tour guide is not their profession. 

Local people might miss out or are less familiar with those tourist spots that travelers tend to visit. In fact, it takes time and experiences to sum up and introduce what are interesting in local areas for travelers, especially if they speak different languages. Besides, as polite guests, we may be not used to bother friends all the time even if they are free and hospitable. Therefore, this is where tour guide is valuable.

5. Guide You to Join Local Festivals

(Credit: Ruben Hutabarat on Unsplash )

Sometimes many travelers are overwhelmed by packed travel schedule. Perhaps they can only remember their busy flights and transportation. However, they fail to collect tourism information, and have no idea where to have fun. 

One way to resolve this situation is to let a professional tour guide lead you to immerse yourselves in a fantastic cultural festival, such as The Otaru Snow Light Path. If you happen to come to Taiwan, Lantern Festival, Mazu Festival, and Dragon Boat Festival, are representative holidays in Taiwan. This is quite an advantage that a tour guide can help you sort out your preferred kinds of festivals. 

In that case, you may focus on the most attractive ones rather than keeping yourselves uneasy in search of a whole new festival.

6. Avoid Embarrassing Cultural Mistakes

Travelers might have concern about how to do things right and not to offend local people from different cultural backgrounds. Nonetheless, it’s just hard to totally avoid cultural mistakes, from having a diet, accommodation, to greeting. Foreigners were not used to this kind of culture as local people do, so it’s quite common to see many arguments occur due to that.

For example, traditional Indians don’t eat beef, while Muslims are not allowed to eat pork. Still, some travelers know little about foreign culture, or maybe they are just careless about this part, even though they don’t mean to be offensive. Thus, hiring a local tour guide can telling some cultural stories as well as informing you where you should keep cautious.

7. Uncover Hidden Restaurants and Cuisine that Only Locals Know

In this modern era when everything is changing so fast, despite you could find a great number of travel bloggers and writers posting updated and authentic information online, still you’ll find certain well-introduced spots no longer exist. 

You might be caught in an awkward situation once you notice the favorite stores are not there anymore after a long journey there. Therefore, to reduce your risk and waste of time, seeking a tour guide is absolutely a flexible way to make your journey more enjoyable.

8. Just Want to Chill Out

No matter what type of travelers you are, newbies or pros, perhaps travel arrangement is the most complex part of the journey. Some people are not adept at checking and collecting useful information from plenty of Internet sources, while others may be perplexed at misleading information. Others might not able to make up their mind about which local foods to savor, or which old towns they should take picture of. 

To make better use of your travel time, to going with a tour guide can keep your mind relaxed. In this way, you may save your energy and time on what truly amaze you in the itineraries. You can enjoy local night life rather than searching a variety of info for the next day.

9. Make New Friends…Start from Your Tour Guide

Making local friends is considered an important target for some travelers during their journey. If you also agree with that, then hanging out with a tour guide is the first step to achieve it. Serving as a tour guide, they provide travelers with professional knowledge related to local areas as well as sweet service when needed. In fact, many tour guides is pretty passionate in their job because they love where they belong to. 

They desire to promote the beauty of the local areas to visitors as much as possible. In that case, it’s easy to start a conversation with your tour guide if your also want to know more. Thus, through laid-back communication may bond your friendship. 

10. Customize Your Itineraries

In many cases, travelers feel tired of doing all travel arrangements on their own, while unwilling to join a package tour. At this time, consulting a local tour guide is your appropriate choice. You may take pleasure in freedom of the trips, and also informed of valuable travel information. You don’t need to get rid of your nightlife and force yourself to get up early to meet a tour’s rule. Picking up where to go, when to have a meal and how to have fun. Also, some tour guides provides their customers with car services as well. It’s more time-saving and comfortable to reduce any trouble resulted from local transportation. 

Aftering learning those 10 advantages of hiring a local tour guide, perhaps you should really take a try next time when visiting a new place.


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