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Dadocheng, located in Datong District, is one of the earliest developed districts of Taipei. Until today, Dadaocheng is still the most well-preserved old neighborhood. If you only have one day to explore Taipei and Taiwanese culture, Dihua street is where you canvisit for half day or so.

A street filled with cultural experiences like Yongle Market, and a bond between modern and traditional culture. Since the 19th century, Dihua Street has been an important commercial center in Taiwanese products. Here you’ll find goods such as Chinese medicinal herbs, fabrics, incense materials, and for the post-processing of Taiwanese tea.

“Profound in knowledge and zealous in helping friends!”

—- MyProGuide tour guide York

As an English literature major himself, York from MyProGuide loves traveling around the world, introducing his hometown to other travelers. He finds great pleasure in helping others, especially when helping foreigners find their direction during their journey. The idea of proudly showing people around his country and also making good use of his language skills is why he decided to become a tour guide.

loves traveling around the world and introducing his hometown to other travelers. He finds great pleasure in helping others, especially when helping foreigners find their direction during their journey. The idea of proudly showing people around his country and also making good use of his language skills is why he decided to become a tour guide.

York suggests Dadaocheng walking tours for people who are looking to have a deeper look into Taiwanese culture. Have your own pace while experiencing cultural activities and spend more time on the impressive architecture that amaze you.

To York, Dihua street is a piece of cultural gem, awaiting people to explore. Following are some recommendations on a one day tour in Dadaocheng, Dihua street.

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A portal through modern and tradition

Most stores on Dihua street open at about 10 a.m., just the right time for you to have a nice rest from the day before and enjoy some breakfast before starting your day.

Chen Wei Tea House

Tea is one of the things Dihua street is famous for. When it comes to Taiwanese tea, Zhen-Wei tea house is where you can have a taste of finest Taiwanese tea. You may also find some as souvenirs for your friends back home. Aside from enjoying the tea, have a look around this building! It is a family historical residence that has been passed down through 6 generations.

Address:  No. 156, Sec. 1, Dihua street
Open Time: 10am – 6pm

Join the Dadaocheng walking tour or a private tour to unveil the local living lifestyle back in the past.

Dachun Soap

(Credit: isleprovisions)

Dachun is a soap shop that started their business from the 1950s. Their motto lies in their company’s name, is to gather all their blessings and endless hope into their soap. They have all kinds of soap on display which you can use and also smell.

Each soap has a background story representing different features of Taiwan. For example, the Taiwan Native Wormwood Soap, The Amis people call the wormwood “Balaliu”. As known for good at food gathering, the Amis people are familiar with plants in the forest. The wormwood to them is for the use of repelling evil spirits. It cleans, moisturizes, purifies your body and stabilizes your mind.

Address: No. 193, Sec. 1, Dihua Street
Open Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Lin’s Wagashi Confectionery

Rice cake shop selling sorts of cakes, traditional “Japanese wagashi.”
The chef said, after learning the skills making sweets in Japan, he decided to combine the elements of traditional Taiwanese with wagashi culture. Head inside and order a tea set, you can soak yourself in the smell of rich tea and taste their delightful treats.

Address: No. 247, Sec. 1, Dihua Street
Open Time: 9 am – 7 pm

Learn the culture by feeling it

To know something better, feeling with your hands and sensing it can help a lot, you might even find something that escapes your eyes but is right in front of you. The are various fun things to experience while on Dihua Street.

1. Put on a Cheongsam and take yourself back into history:

(Credit: salon 1920s)

At Salon 1920s, you can pick a Cheongsam (or a “Qipao”in Chinese) you like. Then, head off take some photos, and write yourself into Dihua street’s history.

2. Learn to make your own rice cakes at Hoshingbashihbating(合興八十八亭):

(Credit: hoshingbashihbating)

Not only they sell mouth-watering cakes, but they also do DIY activities so you can bring home your own cake!
* Do remember to make a reservation online in advance, these classes are usually sold-out right away.

Book a customized tour to combine the cultural and local experience together!

A taste of Taiwanese culture –
Food recommendation in Dadaocheng

Strolling among the nostalgic views on Dihua Street, having some snacks can help submerge you into the culture and history. After all, food is what makes a culture complete. Here are some food recommendations picked by our local tour guide York.

1. 妙口四神湯肉包 (Miaoco Four Tonics Soup and steamed stuffed bun)

Try one of Taiwan’s most traditional soup made from pig intestine, and herbs and with a steamed bun on the side could be satisfying lunch on a winter day. A bowl of hot soup warms up your soul, and a stuffed bun with steam and gravy oozing out while you take a bite.

2. 永樂擔仔麵(Yongle Dan-Zai noodles)

(Credit: posh.com)

A bowl of noodle full of history, dating back to the old days, a single bowl can feed peoples stomach. Made with pork stock, some green veggies, and fried shallot. Also one of Taiwan’s traditional food.

3.      迪化街杏仁露 (Dihua Street almond juice)

For dessert, some almond juice can be refreshing. During winter, you can order a bowl of hot almond juice with a fried bread on the side. While dipping the bread into the bowl of hot almond juice, it soaks up all the flavor, and when you take a bite, it combines with the fried bread inside your mouth.

(Credit: leafyeh)

For summer, a bowl of peanut soup can cool you down from the heat. Peanuts being cooked until it’s so soft that it just melts once it’s in your mouth. Another treat is almond jelly with sugar water and smashed ice, while the almond jelly is filled with the great smell of almond, the smashed ice gives you some crunchiness to add on.

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Dihua street really is filled with hidden gems of culture, waiting for people to explore. The old buildings whispering stories of history and time, and the power of modern day art. All combined together, making a special and unique form of culture, ready to show the world.

It is a place especially suitable for a walking tour, to leisurely stroll around and learn the history. Dadaocheng and Dihua street is definitely the place you would want to visit again and again.

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