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Taiwanese Traditional Market Culture

When a foreigner visits Taiwan, he/she will absolutely be asked by these questions, “Have you ever been to a night market?”, or “What’s your favorite food in night market?” It’s a fact that night market is an important part of Taiwanese culture. However, there is an out-of-the-way place which is more symbolic——Traditional Market.

Compared to night market, a traditional market is quite different in many respects. First, the food of stands sells is different. Thinking of night market, countless local snacks such as bubble tea, Taiwanese sausage with sticky rice, popcorn chicken flash into your mind, right? Please wipe the water beside your mouth now. Because the food in a traditional market is usually RAW. Like a whole unprocessed chicken, freshly harvested fruits, even the live fish! People cook these fresh ingredients at home which they grab at a traditional market.

Though you are not able to pick out right away, don’t upset! In a traditional market, there will be other eye-popping things. Of course, you will see the grocery vendors peddling loudly, and then you will hear buyers haggling over the price of the fish. However, don’t worry about them. It is a general communication at a traditional market. Moreover, there’s a unique situation that appears at a traditional market only. People shop, bargain, gossip while riding their bike or scooter! Isn’t so cool?

Nowadays, the supermarket becomes more and more prevalent because of its clean and bright environment, certified ingredients, convenience. Yet, some people are still used to visiting the traditional market because of the warm human touch. Strolling around the traditional market indeed makes you feel the warmth among Taiwanese people, and it’s a memorial thing in much Taiwanese childhood. Traditional market culture is a connection between resident and this island.

Don’t you think you have to visit Taiwanese traditional market once in your life? We promise you would gain a lot that you have never met before. If you don’t want to wake up early to visit a traditional market, evening market is the best choice for you! So, there’s no excuse for you to hold back!

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