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5 Best Places For Traditional Breakfasts In Taipei

If you are in Taipei, you will regret for not to get a taste of Taiwan’s traditional breakfast. Here are 5 restaurants to begin your day. You will probably find the words “soy milk” in many of these names, and wonder if these diners are for soy milk solely. But don’t worry, most of Taiwan’s traditional breakfasts end their names with these two characters, it’s just a custom and a proof of its traditional identity. So let’s begin!

Din Yuan Soy Milk 鼎元豆漿

As a Taiwanese, we often wonder how many Japanese guidebooks this diner headlines because it is tremendously popular among Japanese tourists—and for good reason. Din Yuan Soy Milk offers a wide range of typical traditional breakfasts, all with good quality.

XiaoLongBao (小籠包, small bite-sized dumplings) is perhaps the most sought after dish, as you can see steamers across nearly every tourist’s table. Its Sweet Crispy Cake (蜜糖酥餅) is also a must.

Apart from tourist guides, this eatery is also introduced by the French chef Gregory Cuilleron on his TV show. Come try for yourself!

Address: No.30-1, Jinhua St., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei Phone: +886-2-2351-8527
Opening Hours: 04:00am~12:00pm
Directions: Only a 5-minute walk from MRT C.K.S. Memorial Hall station exit 3
● Provides English and Japanese menu

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Fong Sheng Ho 豐盛號

Fong Sheng Ho, meaning “bountiful” in Chinese, is famous for its bountiful charcoal grilled toast. Just like the name, its signature dish “Bountiful Sandwich” is abundant with fresh and tasty fillings. A single Bountiful Sandwich (豐盛三明治) includes tomatoes, potato salads, pork fillet slices, peanut butter, cabbage shreds and fried egg.

But beware, the sandwiches are limited, so visit early to secure yours!

Address: No.4, Ln. 223, Zhongzheng Rd., Shilin Dist.,
Taipei Phone: +886-2-2880-1388
Opening Hours: 06:30~14:30
Directions: 3-minute walk from MRT Shilin Station exit 1

Fuhang Soy Milk 阜杭豆漿

Fuhang Soy Milk, the most famous traditional breakfast restaurant in Taipei. Even though the restaurant is on the second floor of the HuaShan Market building, the line of gourmet seekers can very well extend onto the street 10 am on a typical morning.

Do not miss the traditional breakfast – Thick Clay Oven Rolls With Fried Bread Stick (厚燒餅夾油條). Boy, was the taste divine! The oven roll itself is firm but not dry, adorned with a faint smell of sesame and scallion. During the making, sugar water was spread across the pastry to avoid burning, and this adds to the aroma. The fried bread stick inside is perfectly crunchy and not oily. As the diner provides a wide range of dishes, you may also try out the scallion pancake (蔥花鹹餅) and the sweet crispy cake (焦糖甜餅) with a bowl of soy milk. Its sweet crispy cake is just a little sweeter than its comrades and contains fresh honey inside its pastry.

All in all, this is the classic Taiwan’s traditional breakfast in its best!

Address: 2F., No.108, Sec. 1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,
Taipei Phone: +886-2-2392-2175
Opening Hours: 05:30am~12:30pm
Directions: Right beside MRT Shandao Temple station exit 4, second floor
● Provides English and Japanese menu

Wan Shi Xiang XiaoLongBao 萬世香小籠包

Wan Shi Xiang is located just across the Confucius Temple and inside a prosperous morning market. Despite its short opening hours, Wan Shi Xiang captivates locals and tourists with its mouth watering XiaoLongBao (小籠包), small bite-sized soup dumplings. The dish comes in a steamer that accommodates 10 XiaoLongBaos. Each and every XiaoLongBao features thin wrapping and tender pork meatballs. Hot broth squirts out upon biting, and your mouth will be instantly filled with the rich flavor.

What’s more, you can enjoy the morning market outside when you finish. XiaoLongBao has always been a popular traditional breakfast choice among locals, and now you can even try making XiaoLongBaos yourself. It is fun and yummy at the same time!

Address: No.270, Dalong St., Datong Dist.,
Taipei Phone:+886-2-2985-7439
Opening Hours: 05:30~10:30 (Closed on Sundays)
Directions: 8-minute walk from MRT Yuanshan station exit 2, right across Confucius Temple

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Loco Food 樂口福

Loco Food, another breakfast restaurant that requires a one-hour queue if you arrive too late. The result? Well worth the time! Loco Food provides a modern take on the very traditional Chinese Omelets. Chinese Omelets usually have paper-thin and chewy wrappings, but Loco Food made them crispy and aromatic. For the fillings, you can choose from the various fillings Loco Food provides, but the signature Chef’s Choice Chinese Omelets (主廚樂口捲) is most sought after. It is served in hot pans, and will be sent to the trendy, light-spirited dining area you find yourself in. It is safe to say this is the most delicious Chinese Omelet I have ever eaten.

Address: No.5-4, Aly. 89, Sec. 3, Nanjing E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist.,
Taipei Phone: +886-2-2506-8917
Opening Hours: 06:00~14:00
Directions: 8-minute walk from MRT Songjiang Nanjing station exit 6

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