How To Correctly Pray To God Of Love For Mr. / Mrs. Right

Valentine’s Day is coming soon……Have you already had a lover beside you? If the answer is YES, I wish you a sweet Valentine’s Day! If the answer is NO, please don’t feel upset. Here are some useful tips for praying for Taiwanese How To Correctly Pray To God Of Love For Mr./Mrs. Right to share with you.

Where could I find this God Of Love? When should I visit him? Could I really meet my Mr.Right or Ms.Right in such an easy way? You are confused with many questions, right? Listen, MyProGuide is going to answer you in detail. Now, please just read this blog religiously since Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you deserve better than being alone!

Q: Who is Taiwanese God of Love?

A: Taiwanese God of Love, as well as “Chinese Cupid”, is literally called “The old man under the moon” in Chinese. He was recorded in lots of folk storybooks. He is in charge of the marriage, and it’s said that the red thread held in God of Love’s hand connect a man and a woman who will meet each other at a right time and will they will walk through their rest of life together.

Taiwanese God of Love in Xiahai Temple
Taiwanese God of Love in Longshan Temple

Q: Where could I find Taiwanese God of Love?

A: You could pray for Taiwanese God of Love at Lover’s Temple. In Taipei, there are two Lover’s Temples which are so popular among Taiwanese that they attract crowds of lonely people every day especially the days that are close the Valentine’s Day. One is Xiaahai Temple, and another is Longshan Temple which you are more familiar with. The reason why these two temples are very famous is that they are very effective. Knew that you might need it, MyProGuide has already prepared the detailed information:

● Xahai Temple:

Location: No.61, Sec. 1, Dihua St., Datong Dist., Taipei
Time: 06:16-07:47 Monday to Sunday
Transport: MRT Shuanglian Station

● Longshan Temple:

Location: No.211, Guangjhou St., Wanhua Dist., Taipei
Time: 09:00-22:00 Monday to Sunday
Transport: MRT Longshan Temple Station

Cultural Tour- Longshan Temple and Wanhua Night Market

Q: When is the best time to visit Taiwanese God of Love?

A: Generally, you could visit these temples at any time you want. But, according to Xiahai Temple, the best day to pray for God of Love is 2/14, which is also Western Valentine’s Day, the 7/7 of the lunar month, as well as Chinese Valentine’s Day, and the  8/15 of the lunar month, Taiwanese God of Love’s birthday.

Q: What should I bring while visiting Taiwanese God of Love?

A: According to the experienced believers, the perfect offering for pleasing Taiwanese God of Love is sweets, such as chocolates, a variety of sugar, or fruits in round shapes, especially apples. And don’t forget to eat up the food you bring after finishing praying. If it’s possible, you could bring some flowers which represent that the love between you and the one you like will blossom and bear fruits.

Q: What should I say while talking to Taiwanese God of Love?

A: Tell him your name, your gender, where you live and the date of your birth on the lunar calendar. The most important is that tell Taiwanese God of Love what you’re longing for with the most sincere and polite attitude. Moreover, you have to promise that you will come back to redeem the vow if your wish comes true.

Q: What could I beg for from Taiwanese God of Love?

A: You could ask for a good marriage or relationship. And, if you have had a crush on someone recently, you could also pray for Taiwanese God of Love. In addition, you could also pray to Taiwanese God of Love for avoiding an unwanted or unpleasant romantic encounter. Begin to admire our powerful Taiwanese God of Love, right?

After this useful lesson of pursuing love, do you regain your confidence? I wish you can find your Mr.Right or Ms.Right in 2018.

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