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Next Month, February, there’s an quite important festival——Valentine’s Day. MyProGuide chooses a romantic place where you could hold your darling’s hand then escape from the bustling on Valentine’s Day – Cingjing Farm. Different from the ordinary Valentine’s Day celebrating ways such as seeing fireworks or eating a feast, we promise Cingjing Farm will leave both of you an awesome memory. Let’s start to explore the special place——Cingjing Farm!

Cingjing Farm | Information

Locating at 1750 meters above sea level, the weather in Cingjing Farm is cool, different from the warmth on the flat ground in Taiwan. Therefore, it’s perfect for visiting here in any seasons. It means you could come in Chinese Valentine’s Day as well. Besides, it lies in Nantou, center of Taiwan. Maybe you have been to Taipei, Taichung or Kaohsiung yet never been to this clear and pure place before. Why not visit Cingjing on your Valentine’s Day?

Cingjing Farm | Introduction

Cingjing Farm contains a mixture of natural scenery and cultural heritage.

There’re lots of plants on Cingjing Farm. For example, Green Maple is a Taiwanese endemic species and will turn into an enchanting orange color in winter time. Taiwan Red Cypress, a Taiwanese endemic species as well, is a relict from the Ice Age, and the wood scented uniquely. Of course a variety of charming flowers will not be left behind.

Moreover, the lively animals welcome you as well, such as all kinds of butterflies and birds. However, the most lovely Barbado Sheep is the main character of Cingjing Farm. Admire these natural products along the featured hiking trails on Cingjing Farm!

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The Dai Nationality is a minority nationality, living in Cingjing Farm. They have a rich traditional culture, including colorful clothing and tattoos, as well as dance and spicy dishes. Another special is their traditional festivals like Water-sprinkling Festival and Torch Festival. Let’s immerse ourselves in the traditional culture together!

The traditional culture of the Dai Nationality in Cingjing

Cingjing Farm | Eight Section

Guest House

This hotel, themed with traditional and cultural heritage, not only serve the accommodation but also provide many additional services, such as beetle ecological experiencing and guerrilla exploration experiencing.

Small Swiss Garden

While visiting here, you would feel like you’re in Europe with lots of temperate zone ornamental plants and European architecture surrounding you. Moreover, there’s a camping area here, so you could devour a barbecue feast!

Green Green Grasslands

With a castle-like building, you could enjoy the popular activities about sheep here, such as sheep-herding show and sheep-shearing show. And of course you could interact with these corky sheep!

Affection Of Alpine

On the top of the Alpine, you are able to take in the whole Cingjing Farm and Green Lake at once. Whether in the morning or in the evening, there’re different but both special experiences to enjoy to your heart’s content.

Ecological Experience Park

If you think that you can only visit Cingjing Farm in daytime, then you’re wrong. Ecological Experience Park, with little light pollution, is the best place to stargaze. And the reason why it is named “ecological” is that there’re rich ecology of insects here, and professional docents will patiently introduce these bugs for you.

Featured Hiking Trails

These trails connect all the attractions together. Along these beautiful trails, not only could you appreciate mountains, clouds, flowers, lakes and sunset, but the best thing I consider is that getting far away from the hustling and bustling cities and breathing fresh air.

Green Lake

The picturesque view intertwined with mountains and lakes makes everyone too surprised to say a word. It’s such a rare scene in modern Taiwan.

Sakiraya Mountains

As one of Taiwan Centuple Mountains, Sakiraya Mountains locates at the main edge of Central Mountain Range. If you luckily see the sunrise here, you’ll be stunned by the changing lights surrounding the peaks.

Cingjing Farm | Activities

Sheep Show

It’s the most famous featured show in Cingjing Farm, so must not miss it if you come! In addition to sheep-herding, the highlight is the fabulous “strip show”. Hey, don’t take it a wrong way. I mean the strip show of lovely sheep. After stripping, the audience could have the intimate contact with these sheep and feed them in a close distance.

Time: 09:30 & 14:30 every weekend
Location: Green Green Grasslands

Equestrian show

We’ll call it the most exciting show as the professional Mongolia knights will stand, jump, roll over, and even perform an archery right in front of you! It will absolutely leave an unforgettable memory in your mind.

Time: 10:45 & 15:45 every day
Location: Mountain-viewing Ranch

Cannot wait to embrace the pure nature and touch the furry sheep, right? Then, don’t hesitate to take your lover here on Valentine’s Day. Please remember to book the accommodation in advance. Hope you enjoy a great and special Valentine’s Day!

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