Myanmar’s biggest water fight, Thingyan Water Festival

Water festival is the most significant annual festival on the Myanmar calendar; it marks the start of the New Year, the beginning of the Myanmar lunar calendar, and celebrates life and rebirth. The correct Myanmar name for the water festival is Thingyan, however, outside Myanmar, it is often referred to as the water festival. Traveling around the world can lead you to engage in new, and often incredible, experiences.

5 Best hostels in Bangkok

Bangkok, Thailand: famous for its chaotic streets, cheap and delicious street food, wild nightlife, and never-ending traffic. Most travelers just pass through here when they backpack or travel around Thailand. But there’s a lot to see and do in Bangkok. When you look beyond the chaos and peel back Bangkok’s layers, the city comes alive with endless things to do, see, explore, eat, and drink. It’s a city that opens itself up to those who are willing to get past all the temples and backpacker bars.

Traveling in Taiwan: your ultimate Holiday Day Tour on Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat Festival (traditional Chinese: 端午節) is a national holiday widely celebrated in Taiwan. People often practice traditional customs and spend time with their family. This year Dragon Boat Festival is a four-day weekend, which is long enough to thoroughly explore a city nearby. Where do you want to explore? Have you planned your trip yet?