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Betel Quid Culture in Myanmar

If you ever visit Myanmar, you’ll find three main things: Tea houses, Tea leaf salad, and Betel Quids. Usually, people gather in Tea houses for a cup of tea and some tea leaves, while chattering away, they also start chewing on Betel quids. Almost every street corner in Myanmar has a stall selling kun-ya, a traditional sort of stimulating “chewing gum” made with areca nut, betel leaves, dried tobacco leaves, and slaked lime paste that remains very much in fashion despite being carcinogenic and severely damaging the user’s teeth


Must Visit Temples in Northern Taiwan

Taiwan, when Portuguese sailors first saw Taiwan in the 1500s, they dubbed it “Ilha Formosa” which means the beautiful island. And with its many national parks and incredible scenery, never has a name been more fitting. But it’s not just the scenery that makes Taiwan a place for the avid traveler’s bucket list.