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7 Best Fish Markets In Japan

Japan is surrounded by water, there are a lot of fishing ports in the country. The fishing business is one of the businesses that are lucrative in Japan. There are a lot of fish markets that are popular. These markets have their own uniqueness that makes them stand out. Throughout the country, there are numerous fishing ports and markets that serve as the backbone of the nation’s seafood industry.


Top 10 Must try beverages in Taiwan

As the shou-yao beverage kingdom, it is hard to leave without tasting some of its famous beverages. Shou-yao is when you mix all your drink’s ingredients in a shaker. It’s like having cocktails but without alcohol and with so much more flavor to choose from. There is a drink for everyone, from tea to organic juice, fresh-cooked bubbles to mini taro and yam balls. Here is a must-try list you definitely want to try out!