Guide to a Relaxing One-Day Trip in Jiaoshi Yilan

Yilan is located in Northern Taiwan, right beside Taipei. However, in comparison to Taipei, Yilan has a totally different sight. Instead of busy and bustling streets of coming and going cars, you could take a more silent and natural breath in Yilan. As the city is not developed totally, scene and people in Yilan keep simple and unsophisticated. It’s absolutely a perfect choice for people who want to go to some tourist attractions but don’t want to be afar from the city.

Jiaoshi, a town in Yilan, is chosen as one of ten Taiwanese tourist towns in 2017. Jiaoshi is really well known for its hot spring, yet guess what? In addition to hot spring, there are lots of other tourist attractions which you should not miss out on Jiaoshi. Follow my step and take a look!

One of the Most Peaceful Tourist Attractions — Linmei Shipan Trail

After passing a road which winds through the mountains, you would see the sign guiding you to Linmei Shipan Trail. As soon as you walk into the trail, come a strong smell of the primeval forest. With a total length of about 1.7 kilometers, people usually take 80-120 minutes to finish it. Along the way, just enjoy the woods, small waterfalls, and rivers. Don’t forget to take a big breath of Phytoncide. I promise you could forget all of your fatigue of the work in this green heaven.

One of the Most Refreshing Tourist Attractions — Wufengchi Waterfall

There are three waterfalls separately with different height in Wufengchi. The higher you get, the more magnificent view you could see. Beside the mountain and walkways, there are several rivers and small ponds in which adults and kids like to paddle. Moreover, there lies a barbecue area next to the riverbank for travelers to enjoy the pleasure of the afternoon in Jiaoshi.

One of the Most Stunning Tourist Attractions — King Car Orchid Garden

Everyone knows that Taiwanese Orchid is famous around the world. King Car Orchid Garden owns the biggest Orchid Garden in Northern Taiwan. It’s a great place to visit on rainy days because its greenhouse is mainly a glass building. Besides, it’s free to look around, but don’t forget to make a reservation previously!

One of the Most Relaxing Tourist Attractions — Jiaoshi Hot Spring

Here comes the climax and what you guys expect the most —— Hot Spring in Jiaoshi! Most of the hotels in Jiaoshi are equipped with a variety of hot spring pool, such as private or public, hot or cold. If you want to experience a more public one or you just want to have a foot bath, Tangweigou Hot Spring Park is the best choice. If you are brave enough, MyProguide sincerely advises you the “Doctor Fish”. Once you step into the pool, Dr.Fish would flock to your feet and devour your foot skin. Is it sound horrible? Don’t be afraid. It’s good for your health as they help to eat out all the dirt on your foot, and it would become an unforgettable memory in your life.

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One of the Most Delicious Street Food — Ko’s Scallion Pie

If you google “Must Eat In Yilan”, Ko’s Scallion Pie would definitely be the first research result in your page. Foodies attracted by its reputation always forms a long long line in front of Ko’s Scallion Pie stall, so please come early for fear of being sold out. Different from the tough taste of traditional scallion pie, Ko’s tastes more crispy and has more complexity of texture. Your stomach growling!

One of the Most Popular Souvenir — Pudding Cotta Cake Rolls

When it comes to souvenir in Jiaoshi, Cotta rolls, a dessert which contains pudding cotta covered by cakes, are absolutely the MUST-BUY! There is two travelers’ favorite shop called “Yih Shun Shiuan” and “Noble”. These two shops sell many kinds of Cotta rolls and lots of special desserts, and they will provide some free foretaste so that you can choose which to buy. But, I still have to remind you to bring enough money because you might want to buy all of them home!

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After strolling around the tourist attractions in Jiaoshi with me, don’t you want to leave away the hustling and bustling city to breathe some fresh air and pig out the local food?

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