5 Hot Spring Destinations to Go in Winter in Taiwan

In the winter time, what are you going to do to beat the chill? Eating a hot pot, becoming a couch potato, laying in your bed all day long or taking a trip to Southeast Asia? It’s really a torment to go from indoor to outdoor, but there’s a better choice – going to a hot spring in Taiwan.

Hot spring is a natural landscape which is known to everyone, however, it does not exist in every country. Hot spring needs a special geographic location where is the plate junction. Taiwan situates in Circum-Pacific Seismic Belt so there are many hot springs here.

Located at the junction of the plate, there are up to over 100 hot spring resorts laying around Taiwan. Besides, going to a hot spring is not only for fun but also good for health. Different kinds of hot spring offer different function, such as skin care or activating blood circulation, etc.

Here is an introduction to five hot spring resorts respectively located in northern, central, southern, eastern Taiwan and surrounding islands. Let’s go!

1. Northern Taiwan—Beitou Hot Spring in New Taipei City

Beitou is a very well-known town for hot spring, as well as the most historical one. Here, you can find so many hot springs that it gets difficult to choose. Varied from public ones to private ones, from vintage style to modern style, there are also three different kinds of spring quality, including blue sulfur spring, white sulfur spring, and iron-sulfur spring, that you could choose from.

After relaxing your body in hot spring, near these hot springs, are several tourist spots where you could visit. For instance, Beitou Library, designed as a “Green Building Library”, looks like a big tree house. Beitou Hot Spring Museum is famous for its Japanese architecture.

2. Central Taiwan—Guguan Hot Spring in Taichung

Combined with local landscapes, you could enjoy the hot spring with the scenery of hills and woods. Moreover, it is said that the spring quality in Guguan helps to heal diseases in skin and stomach, therefore, it’s not surprising that Guguan is loved by lots of travelers.

In Guguan, there are two suspension bridges which you cannot miss. If you want to breathe more phytoncide, I suggest Basianshan Forest Recreation Area, the best place to paddle in the river, go birdwatching, and take an easy walk.

3. Southern Taiwan—Guanziling Hot Spring in Tainan

Hey, ladies, please prink up your ears, it’s totally your place! Guanziling is well-known for its “Black Spring”, which is made up of mud.  “How gross!” Actually, its particles are fine and people who have tried it said that it’s comfortable while soaking in. The most important thing is that the “Black Spring” can whiten your skin and makes your skin silkier and smoother, so women will cover their bodies and faces with mud. Just like a natural facial mask.

By the way, the urn­ roasted chicken is a must-eat local food in Guanziling. Fulfillment is surely guaranteed here.

4. Eastern Taiwan – Zhiben Hot Spring in Taitung

Zhiben is famous for its ”Beauty Spring”, which is good for skin. What’s more, hot springs in Zhiben can also heal diseases, such as diabetes and gout, and promote your digestion.

In Zhiben, there is also a forest recreation area. From canyon to waterfall, you are able to get spectacular views at one glance.

5. Surrounding islands—Zhaori Hot Spring in Green Island

Called as “Seabed Spring”, Green Island has the uncommon “Salt Spring”, which are only located in three places around the world. Another special, Zhaori Hot Spring is an open-air hot spring, laying beside the beach. It means that you could enjoy a hot spring with a golden sunrise and voices of ocean waves.

In addition to Zhaori Hot Spring, we promise Green Island will make you drunk in the island atmosphere. It’s indeed a place foreigners must not miss.

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