Must-Eat Taiwan Fruit in Winter Time

Because of the perfect location, Taiwan abounds with countless kinds of fruits at any time in a year. Do you know which Taiwan fruit you can buy and taste in winter only? Following are the names of Taiwan fruit so you can bring this list to the supermarket or local traditional market to buy the fruits which you want in Taiwan.

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Strawberry (草莓 – Cao Mei)

I think you have eaten strawberry before, it’s sweet and sour. In Taiwan, some people will eat it with condensed milk. When it comes to winter time, all kinds of strawberry made desserts will come into the market.

Tangerine (柑橘 – Gan Ju)

The warm orange color makes people feel like being embraced by nature. The fresh aroma can be anti-anxiety and relieve tension. This Taiwan fruit is slightly sour. This is the best fruit to have when it is winter and Chinese New Year. MyProGuide suggests that don’t eat too many tangerines if you have a cold. Otherwise, you will cough severely.

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Sugar Apple (釋迦 – Shi Jia)

Sugar apple has delicious whitish pulp, and this kind of Taiwan fruit is popular in tropical markets. Presently, Taiwan has the largest sugar apple plantation in the world.

Wax Apple (蓮霧 – Lian Wu)

Sweet taste with sour. The shape is like a bell so some people call it bell-fruit.

Kyoho Grape (巨峰葡萄 – Ju Fong Pu Tao)

The origin country of Kyoho grape is Japan. The middle of Taiwan is the main plantation presently. Kyoho grape’s size is bigger than other grapes and resistance to storage.

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