Taiwan | Why Alishan is one of the Must-Go Attractions In Winter

Maybe you have seen a sea of people or sea of flowers. But, have you ever seen “sea of clouds”? The sea of clouds on Alishan is one of the eight major attractions in Formosa, meaning “beautiful” in Portuguese as Taiwan is a beautiful island.

Because of the weather, the sea of clouds doesn’t appear very often on Alishan. The best season to appreciate it is on December to January, the end of the winter and the start of the spring. Next, the right period to see the most beautiful sea of clouds is in the evening, before or after the sunset. People who have luckily seen it before said that the sight was so spectacular that they would never forget.

The massive clouds surrounding Alishan will roll up and down just like waves. Lucky enough, you might see the changes in colors on the sea of clouds, from orange or red to blue or purple.

Alishan is definitely stunning and a must-go attraction. If you decide to visit Alishan, please don’t forget to bring enough batteries for your camera. Oh! The most important is to check if the condition of that day is good enough to see the sea of clouds.

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