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Taiwan | Where to go in winter: Beitou, Taroko, Sun Moon Lake

Welcome to the traveller’s heaven in the winter, Taiwan, which locates on the subtropical area with the comfortable temperature in winter. Exploring Taiwan in winter with professional tour guide and you would definitely return home with abundant memory!
MyProGuide now present the amazing touring tips for you no matter you are visiting Taiwan for business trip, family trip or traveling alone, experience the nature beauty and adorable Taiwanese people for your winter vacation plan!

Beitou – Hot Spring

Beitou hot spring park (estimated travel time: 4 hrs)

When it comes to Beitou (a.k.a Witch in past times), the hot spring heaven in Taipei, you could surely experience the local advantage — nature hot spring. This notable nature site locates at the Datun Volcanic Group where generate the naturally green sulfur hot spring, which is one of the most suitable and unique activity you should enjoy when traveling Taiwan in winter season.

Beitou Park Outdoor Hot Spring Bathing Pool

Explore Beitou Park in 4 hours tour. Beitou Park is a famous tourists site near Xinbeitou MRT station, which includes the Green Public Library, Beitou hot spring museum where you could explore with the professional tour guide Jesse . This valuable tour contains Beitou Park exploration, hot spring experiencing, and the once-in-a-life-time tour of aboriginal culture as well as the ecological nature beauty. And sure you would like to taste the local foods in this attraction, follow tour guide Han’s steps to be served of exotic cuisine!

Also thanks to the location of Beitou, which amazingly near Taipei main city center, you could enjoy both the nature beauty and bustling city life in this biggest city of Taiwan in one day! The distance is fine and it only takes less than 1 hour to arrive in central city. Prepare your next stop to see another aspect of Taipei!

Hualien – Taroko National Park

(suggested 3-day trip)
The east coast of Taiwan is popular for its natural coastal scene and magnificent mountains. Hualien is one of the counties that will satisfy your need of sunlight and sea waves! Among them Hualien is a perfect place for traveller no matter your love is deep mountain exploration, incredible workmanship or exciting aquatic sports.

In Hualien, the most notable place is the Taroko National Park . This spot contains lots of naturally breathtaking views such as marble rocks landscapes which crafted by Liwu river, the great group of plants that grow lush besides the coast cliff, and surely the original species live with the plants that would luckily stare at you!

Magnificent canyon surrounds Liwu river

If you are a hiking lover, then the Zhuilu Old Trail would be an ideal choice for you. This 3km hiking path was named by the massive Zhuilu Cliff whose altitude is 1100km. The width of the path is between 60 to 70cm and literally lots of which cut into the cliff, which would make the hiking more excited. The whole trail is surrounded by gigantic mountains and would absolutely leave you a great memory and photos!

Nantou – Sun Moon Lake

(estimated travel time: half a day)
If you are traveling in central Taiwan, visit the glamorous Nantou county which is the only county surrounded by mountains. One of the famous sites named Sun Moon Lake is the spot that you could never miss. In the Sun Moon Lake travel , the must-go activity is the boat trip. You can take the boat across the beautiful lake and enjoy the relaxing scene. Another method to explore the lake is to ride bicycle around the lake path. Follow the tour guide Betty whose service contains the boat ticket and bicycle rental fee, as well as her professional and passionate guide which would make you fall in love with these adorable tourists site in the middle of Taiwan!

Sun moon lake private tour

Ita Thao Visitor Center

One of the unforgettable activity you should never miss when you travel Sun Moon Lake in winter is the Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks Festival. This annual great event is held in the fall every year. There are three main transportation you can choose from to get to the Sun Moon Lake, which are Sun Moon Lake cable car, happy bus and love boat. In this event accompanied with beautiful lake scene, you could soak into the atmosphere of cool music night and astonishing fir works when you look up into the sky. Enjoy your customized tour this winter!

Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks Festival

Prepare you next travel to Taiwan and enjoy our comfortable weather in winter! Enjoy the professional tour guide from our website and impress yourself by the mother nature of Taiwan! If you would like to make your own customized tour of this amazing island please fill in the form in Customize page in MyProGuide, we will reply you the best advices as soon as we can!

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