Must Eat Taiwanese Cuisine in Taipei

It’s not unfamiliar to hear that Taiwan is a kingdom of delicacies. There are many kinds of mouth-watering Taiwanese cuisine able to satisfy your taste bud and stomach wherever you go. However, do you know the reason why Taiwanese cuisine is so well known all over the world?

Taiwanese cuisine somehow combines Min Nan, Chaochou, Fujian, and Japanese cooking techniques.

If you can only choose three delicacies among a great deal of Taiwanese cuisine, it is suggested that you try soup dumplings, braised pork rice and mango ice which you must try in Taiwan, or please don’t tell anyone that you have been to Taiwan!

Soup Dumplings

Imagine the paper-thin wrapping hold rich broth and tender pork meatballs. Soup dumplings are the fine dishes you definitely cannot miss out when you come to Taiwan. Meanwhile, soup dumplings are also the Taiwanese cuisine which Din Tai Fung has won a Michelin star for. That’s the reason why your Taiwanese friends always take you to Din Tai Fung whenever you visit Taiwan.

Braised Pork Rice

When it comes to the most authentic food in Taiwan, the champion will go to braised pork rice. Braised pork rice features finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spiced. It’s a Taiwanese cuisine we cannot live without, so it is everywhere in the streets and usually offered with an inexpensive price.

Mango Ice

Everyone knows that the weather in Taiwan is burning hot. In a scorching hot summer, swallowing lots of ice is absolutely one of the best ways to cool ourselves off. Then try the mango ice! It was selected as one of the best desserts by CNN in 2013. Imagine the creamy shaved snow ice melting in your mouth, with the fresh mango, one of the most delicious fruits loved by both adults and children. It’s a pure comfort food during the hot summer time!

After showing these finger-licking traditional foods in Taiwan, don’t you have an impulse to fly to Taiwan immediately? Add them to your MUST-EAT Taiwanese cuisine list rapidly!

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