Best of Each Month in Taipei – 2019

In the blink of an eye, 2018 is going to come to an end. How’s your 2018? Have you been to wherever you want to go? If the answer is no, don’t be too upset. Here, MyProguide is going to tell you what to expect in Taiwan next year. Moreover, in November, Fodor’s Travel the world’s largest publisher of travel and tourism information published a Go List 2019. And you know what? Taipei is one of the MUST-GO city! Hooray! So now please take a note, so that you could be well prepared for what to do in Taiwan all the time!

January: Chinese New Year

I’d like to call this month as the happiest month in a year. As all family members will reunion together to have a feast, play Mahjong or poker cards and set off firecrackers. The favorite place people like to hang out during Chinese New Year is New Year Street, where you can feel the festival vibe and buy lots of traditional snacks.

Dragon and lion dance is a Chinese traditional celebration

New Year Market – where you really feel the new year’s vibe

Come with a local to Dadaocheng!

February: Lantern Festival

In Lantern Festival, there will be lantern carnivals, where a wide variety of lanterns will be shown to the public, around Taiwan. Besides, the most exciting thing is to enjoy the breathtaking fireworks with a bright moon.

Jiufeng – the golden town

 Sky lantern Tour

March: Flower Festival

With the spring approaching, mountains become green and flowers blossom. One of the best places to appreciate flowers is Yangmingshan Flower Festival, where MyProGuide promises you would be stunned by the scene forming by countless kinds of blossoms.

April: Spring Wave Music and Art Festival

Here comes a quite expecting activity every year! It will be held in Dajia Riverside Park in Taipei. Lots of excellent and popular bands or singers will be invited to performance. Doesn’t it sound really exciting?

May: Dragon Boat Festival

During this ancient festival, the elder in our family always pack delicious rice dumplings, also called “Zongzi” in Chinese, for us. After finishing Zongzi, take a walk to the riverside park in Taipei for dragon boat race. Don’t forget to cheer for the contestant!

June: Bluefin-Tuna culture Tourism Festival

As an island state, seafood is undoubtedly one of the unique features in Taiwan. Every year, Bluefin-Tunas lay eggs nearby Pingtung, so that countless foodies visit here for its reputation. Besides, there will be many relative activities you won’t want to miss out!

July: Fulong International Sand Sculpture Art Festival

Fulong is selected as the best place to make sand sculptures in Taiwan, therefore, every year, local and international sand sculpting masters or competitor will be attracted to create their works. Welcome to appreciate the art of sand!

August: Chinese Valentine’s Day

Same as Valentine’s Day, Chinese Valentine’s Day is the couples’ day. This day, couples love to visit the couple bridge with the light show. If you are single, don’t be upset too early. You can also enjoy stunning fireworks which will be set off in many places in Taipei.

September: Moon Festival

When it comes to Moon Festival, eating moon cakes and having a barbecue feast is a necessity. But do you know where is the best place to watch the big bright moon? I will advise you the Sun Moon Lake and Mt. Ali.

Mooncakes and barbecue are the MUST on Moon Festival

October: Double Tenth Day

It’s really an important day for Taiwanese, as a result, people will wake up early to join the Flag Raising Ceremony right in front of the Presidential Square in Taipei. If you are curious about this activity, please don’t hesitate to visit!

November: Best weather for hiking

In Taiwan, November is just the start of autumn, so it’s the best month to embrace the nature! Hiking and cycling are absolutely the great choices. No matter beside Thousand Island Lake or along Bali Left Bank Riverside, I promise you could totally relieve your tension from daily life.

Interesting hiking tours

December: Christmas

No matter in Taiwan or in the U.S.A., people love Christmas Day, which brings warmth and brightness in such a freezing winter. In recent years, Christmasland in New Taipei City has been a place which is a MUST-GO. The walkway which is decorated with twinkling light bulbs indeed win girls’ hearts. If you have never been here, please take a look in 2019!

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