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Top 10 Best honeymoon destinations in the world

After spending your life savings on bachelor and bachelorette parties, a wedding venue, a dress, and everything else, you might be wondering whether going on a honeymoon is worth the additional expense. What is a honeymoon even for, anyway? History shows that people have been going on honeymoons since the 5th century. Couples would celebrate their first “moon” of marriage by drinking mead, hence the “honey.”

Nowadays, folks escape to tropical destinations or go for romps around Europe and they have plenty of reasons for doing so. To relax, celebrate, adjust, explore, be intimate, and to plan for the future ahead. A honeymoon to remember ought to be personal rather than hackneyed; a reflection of shared good taste. And if there’s one holiday people are going to ask you about, it’s this one. Here are some of the most exciting and adventurous honeymoon destinations we can think of:


With more than a thousand splendid islands and the 26 coral atolls brimming with marine life, a dive into the unfathomable sea or sprawling across the sun-lounger on the powdery sand, the reasons to visit here are unending. Undoubtedly among the best reasons to visit the Maldives will be the laid-back time on the beaches without any trace of littering, but the vast bluish-green Indian Ocean kissing the horizon. While mornings with soft sunlight and calmer waves are blissful, the twilight hours with thousand hues of red, orange, and purple are magical. 

(Image by David Mark from Pixabay )

make sure you check out the Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll where you will see stars getting envious of the playful Sea of stars of the Indian Ocean!


The home of romance! Where to start? Amalfi, where the light makes your heart sing, and the vertiginous mountain road leads from one beauty spot to another? Tuscany, where the sunshine bathes the hills and your lover in its golden haze? Puglia, for quieter beaches and great food; the Italian Lakes, which feel like another era altogether, and that most eternal of romantic destinations, Venice. A honeymoon in Italy can be as magical as you want it to be. 

(Photo by Igor Oliyarnik on Unsplash)


With its iconic blue-domed churches, whitewashed villages, and dramatic coastline, a honeymoon in Santorini is an obvious choice for couples looking to pair luxurious romance with a touch of adventure. Though Santorini is small, it’s also packed with exciting things to do and opportunities to invest in the kinds of once-in-a-lifetime experiences that a honeymoon often justifies. If there’s one thing you absolutely must do on your honeymoon in Santorini, it’s watching the sunset from Oia: this is the quintessential romantic activity in Santorini, and the dramatic sunset is truly magnificent set against the sea.

(Photo by Cristiano Pinto on Unsplash)

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Switzerland is one of the top choices for newlywed couples because of the various beautiful places and fun activities available. With its imposing mountains, enchanting valleys, breathtaking waterfalls, mesmerizing resorts, and luxury stays, Switzerland is a fantastic honeymoon destination for nature lovers from all over the world. Nestled on the shores of the picturesque Lake Geneva is the resort town of Montreux. It has everything honeymooners expect for their romantic getaway: a beautiful promenade filled with flowers and sculptures, a mild climate perfect for a romantic stroll, and medieval castles straight out of a fairytale.

(Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash)


The city is a veritable lovers’ paradise thanks to its romantic architecture, boutique hotels, and lively food scene. Amazing weather, gorgeous architecture, beaches, spa, world cuisine restaurants, and extensive vineyards fairly sum up the canvas of Barcelona, which is undoubtedly one of the most exotic honeymoon destinations in the World. The city enhances the romantic aura and adds sparkle to your marital journey.

(Photo by Federico Giampieri on Unsplash)


The Czech Republic is a fascinating trip for newlyweds who crave intrigue. Or you know, who adore beer. Here, you’ll find prized castles, medieval touches, gothic, renaissance, and baroque architecture, as well as countless restaurants, shops, and even diversions into nature. For those who aim to extend their post-wedding travel for as long as they can, the country’s capital—Prague—is a hub for plenty of planes, trains, and automobiles. From the wonder of the Old Town Square in downtown Prague to the spa town of Karlovy Vary, the Czech Republic offers a must-visit for every type of traveling couple. Because this country is relatively small, you can rent a car and venture through many different cities, towns, and regions.

(Photo by Vlad Kiselov on Unsplash)


Fiji is home to many romantic honeymoon resorts where couples can relax on secluded sandy beaches, have outdoor massages and dinners under the stars. Choose from luxury private island resorts or beach getaways set on a larger island. All the resorts on our list have fabulous spas, amazing honeymoon suites and excellent restaurants. Private beach picnics are a favorite with honeymooners traveling to Fiji, allowing you to spend your days relaxing in the shade and in the sun with a gourmet food basket.

(Photo by Maris Jool on Unsplash)


Kauai is super tropical and more remote than resorted. Lanai is a favorite for honeymooners because of it’s ultra-remote feel. If you’re looking to TOTALLY get away from it altogether and are seeking a quiet, romantic honeymoon vibe. Maui, in my opinion, has a little bit of everything – adventure (the Road to Hana, snorkel trips, whale-watching, waterfalls, etc.) but also some of the most luxe resorts in all the islands. Honolulu and Oahu are great, but are more happening and hoppin’ than romantic – but sometimes couples like to do a couple of nights in Honolulu before going somewhere more remote and romantic.

(Photo by Braden Jarvis on Unsplash)


Istanbul is one of the most romantic cities, and planning a honeymoon in Istanbul is a no-brainer. The city is beautiful, historic, and captivating, the kind of place where unforgettable memories are easily made. The fact that the Turkish lira is in a slump means that, for foreign visitors, an Istanbul honeymoon is well within reach and you’ll get way more bang for your buck here than in other romantic traditional honeymoon destinations like Venice or Paris. Most of the great sights, such as the dazzling mosaics of the Hagia Sophia, are in the heart of the city. When Downtown Istanbul becomes frenetic, you can escape and explore the Basilica Cistern underground, or flee the city altogether to outlying islands and islets.

(Photo by Anna on Unsplash)


Are you as obsessed with the hygge lifestyle trend as we are? Are you looking for a cozy honeymoon destination where you can simply cuddle up and take it slow? Well, it’s time to consider a honeymoon in Copenhagen. Unpretentious and utterly whimsical, Denmark’s capital does exude the aura of a fairy-tale locale, but it’s decidedly untouristy. After spending just a few days in the city, you’ll be able to find your way around without Google Maps. Here, find a mix of relaxation and adventure among canals lined with candy-colored facades hiding jazz clubs and warehouses filled with eclectic food trucks.

(Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash)

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