Tasty Street Food Snacks at Yangon

One of the things that you should try in Myanmar is to explore street foods. Trying street food is the best way you can get yourself familiar with local people’s livelihood. For that being said, here are my TOP 5 street snacks you should try in Yangon: 

Samosa Salad 

Samaosa is originally from India. It is usually made with mixed fresh vegetables and chickpea soup. You will feel a fresh taste in your mouth though it can be a bit oily yet Samaosa can be considered as Burmese people’s top favorite street food. However, this salad style is not available in restaurants. You can only get them from the stall on the street across the city. 

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Mote Lin Ma Yar (Couple’s snack) 

Mote Lin Ma Yar is another Burmese street snack that I would like to recommend. They are known as “Couple’s snack” because two pieces are put together to form a complete snack. They are very similar to a Vietnamese snack, Banh Khot, and a Thai snack, Khanom Krok. They are made with coconut cream and sugar. The main ingredients are rice flour, water, onion leaves and bean. You can also get Couple’s snack with quail eggs. 


Mohinga is a fish-soup with rice noodles (rice vermicelli). It is considered as Myanmar’s national dish. Usually we have it for breakfast because they are light for your stomach. The main ingredients of mohinga are chickpea flour, crushed toasted rice, garlic, onions, lemongrass, banana tree stems, ginger, fish paste, fish sauce and catfish or other types of fish. We eat Mohinga with fish cake and crisp fried fitters such as split chickpeas or gourd or slice pieces of Chinese donuts. 

Gangster Snack (Lan Ta Ye Mont) 

The direct translation of Lan Ta Ye Mont is “Gangster snack”. It remains unknown why it is called so. The snack looks like Dosa. There are two types of it: sweet and spicy. The main ingredients for the sweet one is made with rice flour, palm sugar, coconut and black bean. If you love eggs ,you can put them in too. For the spicy one, we use rice flour, vegetables, grand masala, and chilli. 

Burmese Pancake (Bane Mont) 

Bane Mont is one of the famous street snacks as well. It is a Myanmar style pancake.The main ingredient is palm sugar, rice flour, egg, poppy seeds, peanuts, coconut and butter. 

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