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An Amazing Open Safari Park in Bangkok

There are plenty of great reasons to go on a safari. Whether you want to see the Great Migration, get up close and personal with wildlife, take your family on a one-of-a-kind trip, or just relax in nature, a safari trip will never disappoint. A safari offers a unique chance to see the wildlife in flesh! What better way for children to learn about the animals than to see them during a family safari?

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No matter how advanced your photography skills are, once you go on a safari you’ll want to snap as many photos as possible. The magnificent scenery and the incredible wildlife will make for memorable moments and photos that you’ll want to share with your friends and family. Going on a safari means a change of scenery. It may be a culture shock, too. What’s the difference between a safari park and a zoo? Commonly used interchangeably, the two certainly differ in principle. While most zoos cage animals for exhibition, a safari park lets their animals roam free resembling a real wildlife environment. 

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Zoos are known to keep animals enclosed and deprived of their natural habitat, consequently leaving them bored and depressed. Wild animals, such as tigers and lions, are natural hunters and enjoy climbing, running, and staying active in wide spaces. Safari parks provide them with this liberty, which gives animal lovers the opportunity to get to know the animals as if witnessing them in the wild. Going on a safari fills you with adrenaline rush. There’s nothing more fun and adventurous than crossing paths with magnificent elephants and dining in with a pride of lions. A safari adventure gives you the upfront exposure to experience wildlife up-close and personal.

Safari World Bangkok is one of the top interesting things to do in Bangkok for travelers with children or those who have a big passion for exploring the wilderness. A visit to Safari World Bangkok will bring you in-depth knowledge of the animal world, laughter, and thrills at the shows, as well as the unique desserts you cannot find elsewhere. Here you will learn more about the world of over 75 mammals and 300 species of birds from Asia to Africa and many other endemic animals of other regions. Feeding the animals is a must-do experience when you tour around the park. This activity lasts for only 10 minutes in the morning. Not only is it a fun activity to please your kids, but it also allows you to observe the natural behavior of wild animals through the act of consuming food.

However, as Safari World Bangkok is huge and consists of many different activities, first-time visitors may need some preparations before going in order not to miss out on any fun experiences. Safari World Bangkok is located at 99 Panyaintra Road (Soi Ramindra 109), Samwatawantok, Bangkok 10510, Thailand. It has long been one of the top things to do in Bangkok for nature geeks and travelers with children to earn a fresh perspective on the preservation of wilderness.

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Comprising of 2 themes – Safari Park and Marine Park, this park is undoubtedly Thailand’s most popular animal and leisure park promising a great deal of entertainment and recreation. With a fair share of exciting things for both adults and kids, Safari World Bangkok is a staple on all family vacations. Safari World is divided into two distinct sections, the Safari Park and the Marine Park. At Safari Park, you’ll get to meet more than 100 different animals from across the globe while the Marine Park is home to animals from sea, land and air. At Safari World Bangkok, you’ll get to enjoy 8 thrillingly unique shows including the exciting Orangutan boxing show, the sea lion show, the dolphin show, and the fabulous Hollywood Cowboy stunt show. Apart from live shows, Safari World also houses exciting attractions featuring white tigers, tropical rainforest aviary, fancy carp garden. There’s also a breathtaking tiger & lion feeding show you can enjoy. If Safari World is best to explore in the morning when the weather is ease and clear, Marine World is great to see in the afternoon. During this time, Bangkok’s weather is getting hotter but Marine World surely blows the heat away with its cool atmosphere and many relaxing yet entertaining activities.

Thailand’s greatest open zoo awaits you at Safari Park, which features a thrilling jungle safari. The first stop of your Safari World experience, Safari Park is home to hordes of exotic animals including lions, giraffes, zebras, antelopes, deer, tigers and many others! Your 8 km long journey running for approximately 45 minutes through Safari Park will feature plenty of stops to admire the creatures of the wild from a well covered bus. If you’re lucky, some animals might come close to the window of your vehicle for a memorable experience.

Shows not to miss out

  • Orang Utan Boxing Show

Man’s closest cousins take center stage as they tickle you with their keen sense of humor and dazzle you with their mathematical gifts. And who could miss world-famous Thai Boxing Show, starring the funniest and hariest champions.

  • Dolphin Show

the most intelligent of marine creatures will captivate you with their effortless mastery of the most difficult tricks! Get them to kiss you or shake hands with you! Marvel at dolphins somersaulting in mid-air, tossing balls with their fins and singing in a chorus, or performing dives unrivaled in their gracefulness and swiftness.

  • Bird Show

Stand by for a stunning show as our colorful performers take a plunge from the arena to the stage. Watch with amazement and bewilderment the acrobatic and athletic skills of these intelligent creatures and share in the intimate secrets of a pair of lovebirds. See how our feathered friends fly their way to your heart.

  • Sea Lion Show

Lighthouse Cove- will never be the same again with its new occupants. This quiet town along the pacific coast will be turned upside down when our Sea Lion friends wreak havac as they pull one trick after another. Chiefs of Mischief take control.

  • Spy War

secret agent Sean Sacco has a mission to fulfill : to get Doomsday Trigger before Mako gets us. Join Sean as he combats difficult terrain and heavy enemy gunfire to stop Mako in his tracks. Hold on to your seats as the action unfolds amidst a sea of rapid crossfire, thunderous explosions and breathtaking para-trooping stunts in a state-of-the-art amphitheater. A Truly earth-shattering experience not to be missed!


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 Let Safari World bring you straight into the law territory of the wild wild west, where cowboys and bandits jostle for power with the intricate knock-downs, gunfights, bullwhips, fistfights and horseplay. Run for your life as explosives are hailed in your direction. 

How to get here

Forty kilometers away from central Bangkok, Safari World Bangkok is located on the outskirts of northern Bangkok and it takes roughly 45 minutes to get there, depending on your location as well as the transportation you choose to travel.


Traveling by taxi to Safari World Bangkok may cost you around 600 to 700 Baht (USD $19 – $20) for a one-way and 1200 – 1500 Baht (USD $38 – 48) for a round trip. However, for the best price updated, contact your hotel receptionist or a local Thai friend if you have one, just in case you would not want to be ripped off as a foreigner!

Public transport

Unfortunately, there is no direct bus or BTS Skytrain access to Safari World Bangkok, but you can combine public transport and taxi to arrive at Safari World Bangkok. Minibus and minivan are other options besides BTS and bus that you can easily see them parking in front of the Chatuchak Market. These minivans don’t have license plates, so you need to ask the drivers which one that heads to Safari World Bangkok before hopping on. A minivan trip to Fashion Island Mall costs around 100 Baht (USD $3.2). From there you can get a cab at 100 Baht (USD $3.2) to Safari.

Address:99 Panya Intra Road, Samwatawantok, Klongsamwa, Bangkok 10510, Thailand

Open time: 9am ~ 5pm.

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