Your ultimate music festivals guide: Top 10 Music Festivals You Can’t-Miss in Taiwan

Today MyProguide has gathered for you 10 of the best music festivals in Taiwan so you don’t miss out on the best music events happening around Taiwan.

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1. Looptopia 樂托邦國際音樂祭

Photo by Looptopia Facebook Page

You should definitely check out Lootopia if you are a fan of EDM. Lootopia, one of the biggest EDM events in Taiwan, is famous for its hippie decoration and the attention-grabbing lighting. Taking place mostly in April in Taoyuan, it is a massive event outdoor. Inviting many well-known international DJs, it is a fun, colorful, and vibrant festival attracting EDM fans. Check out for more information at https://www.facebook.com/LooptopiaFest/

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2. Spring scream 春吶

Photo by Spring Scream Facebook Page

Taken place in Kenting, which is said to have the best beaches in Taiwan, Spring Scream is the music festival with the longest history. Started since 1995, Spring scream is held in April each year. Spring Scream draws thousands of people to enjoy a multi-stage event that includes both local and international stars. To publish local bands and art performance, at Spring Scream, you will be enjoying the sunny weather, stunning beaches, and of course, music of all kinds. 

3. Ho-Hai-Yan Rock Festival – 新北市貢寮國際海洋音樂祭

Photo by HoHaiYan Facebook Page

The name “Hohaiyan” came from the Taiwanese aborigines when they heard the waves. It is a celebration of the fact that Taiwan is a beautiful island surround by the sea and the importance of the ocean for the Taiwanese people. Taken place at Fulong Beach (福隆海水浴場), on the northeast coast, it was founded in 2000 by Taiwan Colors Music and the New Taipei City Government. It is a perfect event for rock music lovers. Several well-known Taiwanese singers and bands played at Ho-Hai-Yan, including Mayday, Cheer Chen, Fire Ex., and Crowd Lu. 

4. Taipei jazz music festival 台北爵士音樂節

Photo by Taipei Jazz Music Festival Facebook Page

Jazz lovers? Yes! Don’t miss out on the Taipei jazz music festival! Since 2007, Taipei City has been organizing Taipei Jazz Festival. Inviting both local jazz players and renowned international jazz bands for jazz music fans in Taipei. It is not just about a good music event, but a series of activities such as jazz lectures and workshops. In 2019, it is taken place at Daan Forest Park, where you enjoy a great outdoor atmosphere and dance to the rhythm of live Jazz music!

Official website: https://www.taipeijazzfestival.info/2019about

5. Tiger Mountain Ramble Outdoor Music Festival 虎山音樂祭

As the name “Ramble” implies, it aims to impart the atmosphere of relaxing and laid back attitude of living held on Tiger Mountain. Usually, it is held in December every year. It is a fun event that brings a variety of artists with a mixture of folk, rock, live acts, arts all together at a former temple surrounded by the mountain. With just a ten-minute taxi ride from Xiang Shan Metro, you will be enjoying great music in the jungle! 


6. LUCfest 貴人散步音樂節

Photo by LUCfest Facebook Page

This is the best music festival for indie lovers! Aiming to connect Asian music to the global music industry. It is held in Tainan, an old city with lots of stories to tell. Featuring more than 10 showcase performances and six different stages, it has shown great dedication to Asian music. Taking the audience to explore the Taiwanese independent music thoroughly, and at the same time establish a platform for Taiwan’s artists to international stages. For more indie music events check it out here: 


7. Megaport Festival 大港開唱

Photo by Megaport Festival Facebook Page

Megaport Festival is where you rave about authentic Taiwanese rock bands! The most iconic rock music festival, Megaaport, features all kinds of rock music, especially punk and metal. Having been founded by the famous Taiwanese singer, Freddy Lim, the vocalist of Chthonic, he is now elected as a Taiwanese legislator. Taken place at a renowned attraction Pier 2 arts center (駁二藝術特區), which is located at the second biggest city in Taiwan, Kaohsiung.  https://www.megaportfest.com/

8. Chiayi international music festival 嘉義國際管樂節 

Photo by Chiayi International Music Festival Facebook Page

The history traces back to the Japanese Colonial Period in 1931 when the first Chiayi local student band was founded. Ever since then, the trend of music has grown in Chiayi. Starting In 1997, Chiayi City Band Festival changed its name into the Chiayi City International Band Festival. It also began to invite overseas bands to join the festival. It is a good mixture of various activities, including indoor and outdoor concerts, wind band marathon, marching performances, new year party, and so much more. Save the end of December to Chiayi for amazing music performances at Chiayi International Band Festival. 


9. Spectrum Formosus Festival 光譜音樂祭: a celebration of good music and LGBTQ culture

Photo by Spectrum Formosus Facebook Page

Spectrum Formosus is a festival famous for its diverse electronic music scene, celebrating all kinds of subcultures, including LGBTQ+ culture queers. It’s a festival that you find characters of all types, featuring drag shows, voguing catwalks, and of course, top international DJs. It is usually held in a place that is about an hour away from Taipei city. It will be a magical weekend with good music, jungle vibes, arts and crafts, queer culture, and so much more! For your weekend getaway, find more information here:  https://www.facebook.com/SpectrumFormosus/

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10. Organik festival: dancing under the most beautiful sky in Taiwan

Photo by Organik Festival Facebook Page

Organik festival is definitely the must-go festival for techno lovers! Can you imagine dancing under a starry, starry night? Watching the sunrises, listening to the waves? At Organik Festival, you simply have it all. Wandering in the lush jungle, discovering new artists, feeling free from all your worries and stress, and just being yourself, share smiles with strangers, dream, and dance the whole weekend. Located in Hualien, it is the most dreamlike spot for your weekend techno escape. Usually held around mid-April, it is perfect timing to experience the perfect summer vibe in Taiwan. Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OrganikOfficial

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