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Taiwan Aquatic Adventure: Top 5 Favorite Water Activities to do in Summer

As we all know, Taiwan is a beautiful island surrounded by blue ocean. In Taiwan’s ancient history, because of its charming and natural appearance, Taiwan was called ‘Formosa,’ literally ‘beautiful’ in Portuguese.

Every summer, Taiwan attracts many foreign visitors to do water activities here and spend a wonderful summer. The weather in Taiwan is absolutely appropriate for water-activity lovers. With the approaching of summer vacation, if you can’t stand the attraction of playing water, come to Taiwan and have fun. Let’s party in Taiwan.

What kinds of water activities you may participate in?

Always a shame not able to try all of them within short travel period. Here we’ve selected top 5 water activities that you really should join in Taiwan. Let’s take a look!

1. Surfing:Test Your Ability at the Top of Sea

In summer, if an exciting water activity can satisfy you, then go surfing is absolutely your top choice. Many great surfing spots in Taiwan are accessible for foreign surfing goers.

Favorite Surf Spots in Taiwan

Speaking of where to surf, you can refer to the following list recommended:

Jinzun Fishing Harbor, Taitung County(台東金樽):

(Credit: momo on flickr )

Taitung County is situated in eastern Taiwan. Jinzun is considered the best place to surf in the area due to its high wave. Annually, Taiwan Open of Surfing takes place in Jinzun as well.

Wai’ao Beach, Yilan County(宜蘭外澳):

(Credit: travel.yilan)

Yilan County is the northeasten county that features delicious rural foods and natural resources  Wai’ao is a hit spot for doing water activities. It’s quite well-noted for its black-sand beach. Non-Taiwanese bloggers have introduced Wai’ao in their surf-related articles and list Wai’ao as top surf spot in Taiwan.

Jialeshui, Pingtung County(屏東佳樂水):

Jialeshui Scenic Area is governed by Kenting National Park (墾丁國家公園). Kenting lies in Hengchun Peninsula (恆春半島) of Pingtung County, which is in the southern part in Taiwan. Jialeshui boasts a variety of rock formations shaped by piercing wave and wind. A great number of travelers who are fond of water activities prefer surfing on high waves in Jialeshui.

Already picked up one of the surf spots in mind? Perhaps you might be concerned about where to reach a qualified surf coach to guide you. Relax, plenty of options for you. Actually, lots of surfing centers can be found nearby these 3 famous surf spots. You can register a surf camp that emphasizes intense training in summer vacation, or simply taking a 1-day surf tour is more common for fast-paced travelers. 

2. Diving:Into Mysterious World Undersea

(Credit: Effi)

Taiwan is rich in places suitable for water activities. In Taiwan main island, Kenting, Pingtung City, is the most popular tourist destination that attracts more than a hundred thousand travelers to spend their refreshing summer vacation.

Check out those offshore islands for more great diving spots:
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Why is Kenting so popular for diving?

Briefly speaking, it’s because of Kenting’s diversity. Actually, Kenting is a national park where the ecological environment is protected by government. However, travelers can still drive cars or take transportation inside, and savor natural scenery along coastline. For all travelers, Kenting is just like a paradise full of marine life.

Moreover, it’d be a shame if you didn’t dive here. In Kenting, you can easily find a diving centers that provide many diving-related services, such as equipment selling and renting. Some diving centers even arrange diving cruise for scuba-diving beginners, and of course participants will be taught and accompanied by PADI-qualified instructors. Diving instructors are passionate and willing to answer your questions.

When you dive into the sea, you will be astonished at new different experiences, from enduring water pressure to appreciating abundance marine life under sea. Needless to say, taking a view of well-known coral spawning is the last thing you should neglect.

After exploring beautiful marine life undersea, you may be interested in becoming a certificated diving instructor. In that case, some centers are also welcome new students to join the course. By the way, people who are tired of carrying heavy equipment, try snorkeling. You get the same chance to dive undersea and enjoy swimming around in a colorful world.

Other Favorite places for snorkeling / diving:

Mainland Taiwan:

Long Dong (Dragon Cave) (龍洞)


Bitou Cape(鼻頭角)

Scroll down to check out the map location

Offshore Islands

Penghu Islands(澎湖群島)

Twin-Heart Stone Weir
(Credit: Carrie Kellenberger on flickr)

Green Island (綠島)

Youzi lake
(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

Lanyu(Orchid Island)(蘭嶼)

The famous traditional canoe on Orchid Island
(Credit: Effi)

Xiao Liuqiu(小琉球)

3. Rivertracing:Chase the Beauty of Waterfall

(Credit: Ben)

If you prefer more adventurous water activities to cool summer heat, and get equipment of riverchasing, perhaps you can refer to our recommendation of waterfalls. If you are still new to this kind of water activity, we suggest you to do it with a professional coach. It’s important to get familiar with some knowledge regarding local climate, geographical environment, river condition, etc.

Thinking of visiting a waterfall, you might think that waterfalls are mostly positioned at countryside, far away from city center. Let’s clarify that it’s not. Not every waterfall is difficult to access. In Taipei or New Taipei City, it’s easy to find several waterfall selections in Pingxi District(平溪區) and nearby Pingxi, as many foreign visitors know, is well-known for flying sky lanterns. Wanggu Waterfall(望古瀑布) and Huiyao Waterfall(灰窯瀑布)are close to each other. Both of which have boast mind-blowing scenery and less popularity than other waterfalls nearby, such as Shifen Waterfall (十分瀑布) and Lingjiao Waterfall.

In chase of waterfall, at the same time, you feel your body soaked and get cool. Perhaps, if finally reaching the destination, you’ll gain a sense of achievement-wow, another milestone established.

4. Having Fun on Yacht:Bravely Sail with Summer Wind

Yacht is regarded as the most fun kind of water transportation. It’s always exciting and heart-accelerating to take a glance of magnificent scenes along coastline at a fast speed. This summer, you shouldn’t miss out on this water activity. Just come and holding a party on yacht. While refreshed by breeze from the oceans, you and your friends have a shelter that stops the exposure of summer heat inside.

Enjoy close conversation accompanied by snacks and beer. But, if you’re not able to sail a yacht, easy, seek a licensed-qualified captain to sail for you.

Favorite Spots for Yacht

In Kenting, paradise of water activities as mentioned above, you can join a fun tour of yacht. Glad to say that travelers all have the chance to party on the yacht driven by muscular studs or hot chicks. It seems residence by shore look fairly stunning with healthy tanned skin.

Also, besides holding a party on a yacht, you get fairly more choices to experience. For example, why not take a try of fishing, snorkeling or scuba-diving. Once you take part in a tour with diving part included, then the yacht will sail you to a specific water are for diving. And you get the chance to know how it feels to jump off a yacht into an ocean. Since it’s so romantic to take a glimpse of sunset with the loved one, many engaged couples shoot their wedding photos on a yacht to include prominent ocean view in their life-long memory.

Regarding yacht tours, summer is definitely more popular than winter. So, if you visit Kenting and would like to take a yacht tour, it’d be better to reserve a yacht in advance to avoid wasting time under the hot sun. By the way, you may have fun on yacht when you visit Penghu Islands, too. Therefore, if you’ve just done the squid fishing, remember not to skip this water activity.

5. Whales Watching Tour:Track Their Undaunting Movements

(Credit: Harvey Jiang on flickr )

Animal lovers will be glad to know that Taiwan is an island home to diverse kinds of aquatic animals. In Yilan County and Hualien County, located eastern Taiwan, you may participate in a whale watching  tour, and get ready to appreciate whales jumping and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.

Favorite Places for Whale Watching: Yilan and Hualien

It’s so relaxing to take a close glimpse of whales. Whales appear rigorous when swimming in oceans, while suddenly vanishing from sea horizon. The movement of whales can be a wonderful memories captured in mind. Sometimes, dolphins swim around a cruise boat as greeting to travelers. Speaking of Yilan whales tour, travelers can also visit either Guishan Island (or Turtle Island 龜山島) or Toucheng (頭城).

Some tourism agencies have planned package tours including exploring on-land. As a result, if joining this type of tour, you can see whales and also have a look at mysterious landscape in some green islands near Yilan coastline. Besides attending exciting water activities, having more laid-back one is also a great decision as well.

(Credit: eastcoast-nsa)

Hualien County in east Taiwan, here is an excellent place to choose as well. Hualien is just close to Pacific Ocean, and is well-known for abundant marine life. There is even a Hualien Farglory Ocean Park(遠雄海洋公園) that features facilities related to ocean images.

Wow! So, now you believe Taiwan is a dream island for all travelers to have the good time in summer, right? Then, what’re you waiting for? Get ready and plan your summer schedule right away.


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