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Tour Guide Licensing System in Japan and South Korea

Are you a candidate of tour guide licensing system of Japan or South Korea? No matter what motivates you to become a tour guide at the country. Once you made up your mind to obtain a tour guide license in the country, you must get to know the rules of the qualifying exam and application.

But no need to feel confused about the detailed information about tour guide license requirements of the two Northeast Asian countries, we have sorted out a chart below for you. Hopefully, this article assists you to become a qualified tour guide in the country.

Why do you need a license to be a tour guide?

Before looking at the chart, you need to understand the reasons that one in tourism needs a license to be a tour guide . It seems that becoming a tour guide is primarily predicated on passion for traveling. However, that is not enough because tour guides are expected to possess more capabilities in this highly competitive industry. Obtaining a tour guide license is the best way to prove that you are professional and to build long-term credibility in the realm.

Passing the qualifying exam means possessing professional skills and knowledge, and this accreditation ensures credibility and quality of touring service for travelers as well. As a result, there is a must for you going through relevant courses and exams before officially becoming a licensed tour guide.  Now, let’s get to know the rules in the chart below.

Overview of Tour Guide Licensing System— Japan and South Korea

The tour guide application system and tour guide license requirements vary between the Northeast Asian countries, but the context and subjects of tour guide examination are similar. In general, the certification exam includes written/oral tests for two major classifications: domestic tour guide and guide interpreter . If you decide to take guide interpreter examination, you would have various foreign language options to learn as the chart mentioned.

Is it Necessary to be a Licensed Tour Guide?

Based on the laws, tour guides who are paid to accompany guests in foreign countries ought to be licensed. Unlicensed tour guides only can be volunteers without payment. Even though the number of unlicensed tour guides is quite a lot today, the local governments have become stricter than previous times; unqualified tour guides are fined up to 500,000 JPY in Japan when they get caught.

Furthermore, targeted customers or agencies would consider whether you are professional and reliable enough by checking your licenses. As a result, you need a license to be a tour guide. And the governments provide some welfares or benefits for licensed tour guides to encourage them taking the qualifying exam.

Although taking the qualifying exam seems challenging, there are some benefits for your career as you see. We hope the information about tour guides in the Northeast Asian countries is helpful to you and wish you become a licensed tour guide soon!

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