Horse Carriage Riding in Myanmar

One of the historic places in Myanmar where you can ride a horse carriage

Inwa is located in the Mandalay Region, Myanmar. Inwa was an ancient imperial capital of successive Burmese kingdoms from 14th to 19th centuries. When you arrive at Mandalay, you should not miss a visit to this place. Because of its ancient buildings, temples, pagodas, horse carriage rides and you can see the beautiful green view along the way.

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At the green season, you can see even more beautiful nature views.

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1. Bagaya Kyaung

Bagaya Kyaung is also located in Inwa and is one of the teak monastery and most memorable individual attraction it was built in 1834. The pagoda is made entirely of teak. It is supported by 267 teak posts, the largest is 60ft high and 9ft in circumference, creating a cool and dark prayer hall that feels genuinely aged.

2. Wingabar Ancient Pagoda

Wingabar Ancient Pagodas compound is a very amazing beautiful place and also located at Inwa. Its a collection of many ancient pagodas and you can feel the fresh air.

3. Yadanasemi Ancient Pagoda

This is one of the most beautiful places in Inwa. You can see amazing ancient architectures and take pictures with beautiful green views. Moreover, you also can feel the peace and fresh air.

4. Nanmyint Tower

It is the only one surviving building left from old Innwa Royal Palace and was built in 1822. The 30 meters high masonry Watch Tower (Called it in Burmese as Nan Myint Watch Tower) is leaning towards the West. This is a good picture spot that has a nature view.

5. MalNu Brick Monastery.

MalNu Brick Monastery (Maha Aung Mye Bonzan Monastery) is one of the good places to learn about Burmese monastery architecture during the Konbaung dynasty. The monastery is also known as the Brick Monastery it is a well-preserved building in ochre color. The very ornate structure is decorated with intricate stuccoed sculptures. and MalNu Monastery is also one of the first brick monasteries in the Konbaung Dynasty.

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