Things to do on a rainy day in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

What should travelers do on a rainy day in Kaohsiung? Walking in the rainy day on the street of Kaohsiung is also a romantic experience. Visit popular travel site like Fo Guang Shan and leave a beautiful memory back home! We listed out the greatest things to do on a rainy day that you can take into your travel note for Kaohsiung! Plan your personal trip by MyProGuide customized tour service!

1.Fo Guang Shan

The best-known feature of Fo Guang Shan is the majestic Fo Guan Big Buddha, which you could see at first you step in Fo Guang Shan. Along the route you would visit Front Hall, Eight Pagodas, Bodhi Wisdom Concourse and more. In the house of Front Hall, there are shopping area where you could buy souvenirs and taste authentic foods. Get to know more about Asian religion and plan things to do on a rainy day with MyProGuide professional tour guide Juan hsu, who you can communicate even your mother language is Spanish!    

Open Time: Weekday 09:00~19:00; Weekend & holiday: 09:00~20:00

Contact: 886+7-6563033 (09:00-19:00 from Mon to Fri; 09:00-20:00 on weekends)

Address: No. 1 Tongling Road, Dashu, Kaohsiung 840, Taiwan

Ticket: Free

Transportation: Kaohsiung  Bus 8010 from Kaohsiung Railway Station (NTD$12), EdaBus 8501 (NTD$65) or Harvard Express (NTD$70) from Zuoying High Speed Railway Station, Dashu Bus from Fengshan Train Station (NTD$30), Pingtung Bus 8260 (NTD$72) from Pingtung Bus Station.

Currency rate: NTD$1=USD$0.032

Notice: Remember to check timings online before you visit.

2.Metropolitan Living Development (MLD)

Now let’s see another modern tourist site in Kaohsiung — the multi-functional MLD mall.

This popular travel site just gets its popularity in these years, and has caught thousands of visiting every weekend! Walk along the square there are some arts crafts setting, as well as casual seats from surrounding restaurants, which would surely provide you a holiday mood of things to do on a rainy day!   

The MLD was transformed from old aluminum factory, now becomes a big multi-functional mall with catering, cinema, banquet, book store and show house. There are lots of various gourmet in the food court including Japanese Ramen, Hong Kong dessert, Italian cuisine and American hamburger for you to stay from a rainy day in Kaohsiung. In MLD reading, there are hundreds of categories of book for you to choose from, and it also provide sufficient seats for guests to take a rest with a book. It is perfect for a half-day customized tour to Kaohsiung.

Open Time:
MLD Reading – 11:30-21:30
MLD Cinema – 09:30 to the last movie
MLD Fresh – 11:30-21:30
MLD food court – 11:30-21:00


Shuttle bus:
Hotel dùa <-> MLD : weekend and holiday: 12:10 – 21:30 (every 40 minutes)【Weekday】Every 30 minutes; every 1 hour after 20:00
【Weekend & Holidays】Every 30 minutes; every 1 hour after 21:00

KMRT: Red Line R7 Shihjia station exit 4, turn left at Fuxing 3rd rd., go straight on Zhonghua 5th rd. to Zhongqin Rd.

Kaohsiung Light Rail: C7 Software Technology Park station, take 1 min walk.

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3.Jinshi (Golden Lion) Butterfly Park

For best things to do on a rainy day, visit the Butterfly Park. It locates on the eastern side of the Jinshi (Golden Lion) Lake Scenic Park, and is famous for those countless butterflies attracted by outdoor flowers, plants, and ponds. The two biggest exhibition halls occupy about 4462 square meters, and are filled with plants eaten by butterflies and nectar-producing plants. the wooden trail which visitors follow are murmuring streams flow past small bridges, winding its way into a secret wonderland where full of butterflies’ dance, and also allows them to see pupae becoming butterflies closely.

In the park, you can experience hand-made crafts in the DIY rooms, which allows you to not only enjoy the beautiful scene and unforgettable souvenirs for customized tour.

Ticket: adult NTD$30, children NTD$15 (4~12 y) , free for children below 3 .

Currency rate: NTD$1=USD$0.032

Address:No.25, Ln. 1, Jinding Rd., Sanmin Dist., Kaohsiung City, Taiwan

Open Time:9:00~16:30( Closed every Monday)

Contact: +886-7-347-5317

4.Fongyi Tutorial Academy

This spot is only looks traditional, while it’s basically turn down people’s stereotype of antique place, let’s plan things to do on a rainy day in this biggest academy in Kaohsiung!

The most interesting feature is the cute statues in the academy, which gives the original space a new look. Walking in the historical academy, you could not only take picture with adorable statues, but there is meaningful culture display about the past of Fongyi Academy for tourists to know more about life in this place.

Contact:+886-7-7 40-5362
Address: No.62, Fengming St., Fengshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 830, Taiwan
Open Time: Tuesday to Friday, 10:30-17:30 (tickets sold till 17:00)

5.Dome of Light (KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station)

The KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station is the intersection of Red Line and Orange Line (R Line and O Line) of Kaohsiung MRT system, which is known as the heart of MRT. KMRT Formosa Boulevard Station is recently the biggest station in the world, and locates in the exit 1 to 4, was designed by Japanese master Narcissus Quagliata. Plan your customized tour in a rainy day in Kaohsiung, and follow MyProGuide adorable tour guide Coco Lin’s step to this amazing MRT station!

6.The Taroko Park

The Taroko Park is a new landmark in Kaohsiung, which includes amusement park, cinema, gym, shopping mall and food court. Once entering there is a carousel which would catch children’s eyes in first sight. The biggest feature is the mini Suzuka circuit authorized by Japan, where you and your children could experience the fun of car racing! When you get hungry after having fun, the great choice of food zone is surely meet your need for cuisine. To stay away from a rainy day in Kaohsiung, this is a perfect choice.

Ticket :

One-day ticket:
Adult: NTD$900 (from 12 yrs)
Children: NTD$890 (6 to 12 yrs)
Toddlers: NTD$200 (3 to 6 yrs)
Elders: NTD$490 (above 65 yrs, and disabled)

You could enjoy all the facilities with one-day tickets.

Open Time: Monday to Thursday: 12:00~20:00, Friday: 12:00~22:00, Holiday: 10:30~20:00

Transportation: KMRT Red Line Caoya Station Exit 2, Bus Line Red 6, Red 7A.7B.7C, Red 9A.9B, 69A.69B

Parking: NTD$15/30min. in weekday; NTD$25/30min. in weekend.

Kaohsiung is a place full of warmth and sun shine city in Taiwan, plan your customized tour for next stop to Kaohsiung!

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