5 Things to do on a Rainy Day in Taichung, Taiwan

What should I do on a rainy day in Taichung? If you encounter Taichung’s passionate way of welcoming travelers, don’t panic. We listed out the greatest places that you can take into your travel note for sure! Plan your personal trip by MyProGuide customized tour service!

Today we would like to introduce some of the best things to do on a rainy day in Taichung!

Stop 1: Miyahara

(estimated stay time: 1 hr)

Open Time: 10:00-22:00

The first site is the site that located nearest to the Taichung Main train station. When you arrive Taichung railway station, it is not far from the exit. The most attractive feature of Miyahara is the famous ice cream!

Miyahara , Taichung

Once arriving Miyahara you could surely see the long queue for this ice cream star. The beautiful ancient building mixes with the beautiful ice cream, which is one of things to do on a rainy day for travelers of photo shooting and snack choice.

Follow tour guide Betty to explore good taste of Miyahara or plan your customized tour for more fun!

Interior of Miyahara

Stop 2: Shen Ji New Village

(estimated stay time: 2 hr)

This cultural site locates at West district of Taichung. Shen Ji New Village now is a booming weekend choice for people who love hand-made crafts or start-up products. As the revitalization plans from Taichung city government operated, this initially old village now transformed to a place for innovative ideas.

In your customized tour, exploring the lanes and corners here are great things to do on a rainy day. When there is a rainy day in Taichung, visit Shen Ji New Village and serve yourself a cup of coffee and creativeness.

Stop 3: National Museum of Natural Science

Open Time: Tuesday to Sunday 09:00-17:00(Ticket Buying from 08:50 to 17:00)

Free entry before 10:00 on Wednesday.

(estimated stay time: 1.5 hr)

National Museum of Natural Science locates in the middle area of Taichung city, which usually attracts millions of people visit there every day. Upon explore National Museum of Natural Science, you could choose lots of categories about science such as life science, dinosaur history, space science and human culture, etc. The museum includes many exclusive facilities for you to walk through, like Space IMAX Theater, Botanical Garden, or Dinosaur Gallery.

Many of its features sits indoor so here are things to do on a rainy day no matter the weather outside! If you are lucky in this customized tour, you can take a look at your favorite temporary exhibition!

Glamorous Botanical Garden 

Stop 4: National Taichung Theater

(estimated stay time: 1 hr exclude performance)

Open Time: Sunday to Thursday, 11:30 to 21:00, Friday to Saturday, and 11:30 to 22:00.

If you are an opera lover, then it’s your time to visit a rainy day in Taichung! The opera house here called National Taichung Theater is a must-go site. National Taichung Theater is a brand-new site which grow its popularity in these years.

National Taichung Theater at night

This eye-catching building is a master piece by notable architect Toyo Ito. Apart from the amazing building outlook, inside the theater you could appreciate the interior design as well as the ongoing programs that would certainly meet your need of art!

There are six stories featuring the Grand Theater, Playhouse, a magical Sky Garden and a shopping center. Outside of the theater there are a fountain, Outdoor Plaza and Outdoor Theater. Don’t miss out the things to do on a rainy day include these greatness of legendary architecture and artistic performance in your scientific customized tour!

Stop 5: Western Museum

(estimated stay time: 2 hr)

Open Time: 9:00 – 21:30. Tickets: TWD$120 with discount for souvenir store, Cuclos cafe & kitchen and Restaurant La marée.

The last stop, Western Museum, locates slightly far from city center, which is a place that could bring you back to the middle age of Europe. There are thousands of antique collections privately from Sotheby’s and Christie’s. The elegant interior setting contains a number of precious ancient collections such as mural, dining ware, sculptures, etc.

Apart from the antiques, there are restaurants that allows you to take a rest and have a classic taste, which are perfect things to do on a rainy day. All these services would surely leave you a lot of memory, wowing and great photos! List the amazing Western Museum on your customized tour to Taichung!

If you’re spontaneous to move around, then public transportation of Taichung will exactly meet your need. Taichung is a passenger-friendly city, if you are a bus lover, you would definitely satisfy with the developed transportation in Taichung city. All the tourist sites mentioned above could be reached sorely by bus.

You can refer to our Customize page in MyProGuide for customized tour, leave your preference of this memorable trip.
We will contact you and design the best plan for you to explore Taichung despite a rainy day!


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