6 Colorful Destinations in Taiwan during Spring | March 2019

Flower blossom are everywhere during spring. MyProGuide picks out a series of flower festivals and cultural events for your colorful stay in Taiwan during spring! If you visit Taiwan around March, don’t miss out those events! Take out your travel planner now and get ready to start the adventure!

1. The Thing to Do in Yangminshan, Taipei —

Calla Lily Festival, 03/29-04/28

(Credit: travel.taipei)

Watching calla lilies waving under the afternoon sun, the Zhuzihu Calla Lily Festival offeres a combination of music concerts with beautiful landscape. Visitors can travel to various scenic attractions at Zhuzihu and Yangmingshan, enjoying flower-picking, great food, and beautiful landscape.

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2. The Thing to Do in Taipei —

Azalea Flower Festival, National Taiwan University NTU, 03/01-03/31

In National Taiwan University, with the blooming Azalea, people not only have a pleasant picnic here, but they also enjoy the concert and the cultural and creative market. Let’s enjoy a relaxing afternoon time together.

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3. The Thing to Do in Dajia, Taichung —

Mazu International and Cultural Festival, 03/15-4/16

(Credit: taiwan.net)

To promote the unique traditional culture of our faith in Taiwan, the activity was firstly held in 2004. On this day, the organizer will cast moon blocks to decide the date of Mazu Pilgrimage activity. Come and experience Taiwanese folk festival!

4. The Thing to Do in Chiayi — 

Alishan Cherry Blossom Festival , 03/09-04/10

(Credit: taiwannews)

Visitors are able to enjoy the touching music on the field, with the flying cherry blossoms accompanying beside. The organizer also invites some famous poets to celebrate with the public. What a feast to your eyes and ears!

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5. The Thing to Do in Tainan —

International Orchids Show, 03/02-03/11

As one of three main international orchids exhibitions, the Tainan government uses the culture, creativity and biological technology to express the pluralism of orchids. Why not seize the chance to take a look at our agricultural superstar!

6. The Thing to Do in Kaohsiung —

Megaport Festival, 03/23-03/24

Hi there music lover!! Megaport Festival is always a hit among young people! Many excellent bands and singers are invited to have a performance in these two days. You will absolutely feel the enthusiasm in the harbor city, so please don’t be shy to follow the music and shake your body!

MyProGuide wishes you a playful, memorable, and colorful March.

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