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Do I Need a Tour Guide? 10 Things to Consider Before Making a Decision

Visiting a foreign country, especially those where you do not speak the language can sometimes be frustrating and might make it difficult to travel through the destinations. But, that is where a local tour guide comes into place. Generally speaking, when it comes to hiring a tour guide, the first thing we think is that it is not very budget-friendly. However, the benefits of hiring a local tour guide will outrank the negatives. 

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If you are trying to get memorable experiences in a short period of time the knowledge and expertise that a local professional tour guide is essential. In contrast, self-travel, it might seem like low-cost and budget-friendly but it can end up costing more sometimes. Because you might be overpaying for things that you could not have known if you weren’t with someone local. As a result, Myproguide has listed out 10 points that you should be aware of before embarking on your journey abroad.

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10 Points to Consider when Traveling by Yourselves

1. How Much Time You Have?

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Traveling is pleasant, whereas time is limited. In most of the cases, sightseeing visitors suffer from the shortage of free time. And saving time is equally crucial as saving money. A local tour guide will help you straight to some of the most attractive destinations, including those popular and underestimate.

2. Traveling on a Budget?

Of course, hiring a tour guide costs money, but it worth it. Relying on a tour guide’s experiences, you don’t have to take the risk of trying something unknown that turns out to be what you’re fearful of. Nevertheless, you still manage to savor everything recommended within a short time.

3. How Familiar With the Destination?

Perhaps having been to one place for so many times, surely, you could try to go traveling by yourself. But for sightseeing visitors, they’re usually lacking the local knowledge, and a professional tour guide, collecting the correct and detailed information, is of value at this moment.

4. How’s Your Sense of Direction?

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Being new to a destination often confuses sightseeing visitors, You would easily get lost among zigzag paths or narrow lanes. So, traveling with someone local is more laid-back.

5. Worried About the Language Barrier?

It’s an obvious issue that sightseeing visitors really ought to consider, especially when you go traveling to a country not speaking your language. Although some reckon that through body language(i.e., waving hands, shaking the head, etc.)could solve the problem; needless to say, it does lessen the burden, however, not wholly. Expression of body language is abstract to many people, and sometimes one gesture shows different meanings between two or more countries. Furthermore, if you want to learn more about local things, such as history, culture, and fashion, body language would be hard to count on. 

6. How Familiar are You with Local Cuisine?

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It’s believed to be difficult to refuse local cuisine, which is the most essential thing for many travelers. If you agree with this point, hiring a local tour guide would be a must. Although consulting travel books is rather convenient, however, a tour guide basing in the local area for a long time can give you even more details about where to eat; probably an anonymous street stand, a new restaurant in an alley, or traditional delicacies made by local brands. A tour guide will take advantage of the experience to sort great foods out.

7. How Comfortable Do You Feel Communicating with Locals?

For some first-time travelers talking to a foreigner can sometimes be frightening. Even though they speak the same language, the culture, and the unfamiliar environment might put some of us out of our comfort zone. As a result, when faced with something unfair or unreasonable, they could reach a tour guide for help to dodge further argument. 

8. Don’t Want to be Vulnerable:

Relaxing as sightseeing is, visitors are rather easy to be exposed to some situations which might do harm to them. For example, after asking the price of the merchandise you are craving for, you are given a pretty high number beyond imagination. Then, you might be caught in the frustration of not looking like a local. And in this case, a tour guide, who is more knowledgeable about the average price, could give you a hint on bargaining.

9. Traveling with Family?

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Taking care of family is the priority when traveling with loved ones. Somehow, you would be overwhelmed by plenty of preparation related to the whole journey, and fail to focus on enjoying the amazement and pleasure with family.

10. Fed Up with Planning Travel Schedule?

The hustle and bustle of routine life keep exhausting us, and we resort to traveling for retreating from it. Hence, travelers are tired of being occupied by any complicated tasks, such as planning an itinerary; it takes you almost the whole journey to be concerned with. So, going with a local guide would be an appropriate option for chilling your mind out.

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Just curious how many points you are concerned with. And if you find most of the points should not be neglected during the journey, now, search for a tour guide for your next destination.


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