3 Day Itinerary on Green Island to Make Your Summer Trip Unforgettable

Summer vacation is there! Have you ever thought of going to offshore islands near Taiwan? Green Island, Penghu Islands, Xia Liu Qui, Orchid Island, which one is on your list? Check out our articles to choose your first destination.

Travel to Green Island for three days, aside from visiting the prison, strange rock landscape, what else? Green Island is known as Taiwan’s diving land, snorkeling, diving experience is definitely essential water activities to try out! MyProGuide tour guide will help you organize your Green Island trip for your reference. You don’t have to go to unaffordable beach resort, just visit this natural place in Taiwan!

Recommended 3 day Itinerary for Green Island


By ship: You could take the ship from Fugang Fishery Harbor to Nan-liao Harbor, which spend about 1 hour swaying trip. It is suggested to bring motion sickness pills.

By plane: A single trip by small airplane takes 15 minutes (reservation required).

Reminder: When you return to the train station from the harbor, you can call a taxi reservation in advance to avoid the crowds at the station.

Day 1:
Nan-liao Port → Rent Scooters → Try out famous local prison ice → Green Island Sikadeerstore → Lüdao Lighthouse → Lüdao Prison

Green Island is a small island. It takes only about an hour to travel around the island. Many attractions can be reached by scooters. Renting a scooter is a cheap and convenient choice! It should be noted that there is only one gas station on the island, which is located near Nan-liao Port and is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Lüdao Prison Ice

Ludao prison ice from outside
(Credit: Ludao prison ice facebook)

The hot weather in Green Island makes people want to have a bowl of ice to eliminate heat. This prison ice is located near the fishing port, decorated like a prison, which makes customers feel like eating ice in real prison. A variety of toppings can be selected, we suggested that you can choose feature seaweed, which tasted smooth, it is one of the must-try on Green Island!

Address: No. 48, Nanliao, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951, Taiwan
Contact: 0919-400-503
Open time: 9:30 – 23:00

Lüdao Lighthouse

(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

The Green Island Lighthouse is also a must-visit attraction on Green Island. The white lighthouse and the green grass are just like postcard scene especially in a good weather! There are many small white houses on the way to the lighthouse, which is just like a scaled-down settlement, climbing up the hillside and looking at the sea and the beach below.

Open time: April to October: 9:00-18:00; November to March: 9:00-17:00
Closed on every Monday, Chinese new year, and National holidays including Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival.

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Lüdao Prison

The Green Island Prison is still a real prison today and is strictly managed. There are guards outside the prison, making it surrounded by a serious atmosphere. Visitors can’t enter the prison, but they can still go to the nearside souvenir stores, where there are goods carefully crafted by the inmates, or visit the zoo near it.

Emerald Lake→Yuzi Lake→Great Wall Green Island→ Zhaori Hot Spring →Mr. Hot Dog Bar

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake is a place where many tourists like to dive. The depth of the water is three meters deep. There are only a few rocks far from the sea. Because it is very close to the sea, there are always waves coming in. It is recommended to be accompanied by a coach to ensure your safety!

Yuzi Lake

(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

The Yuzi Lake is not a lake, but a naturally-eroded bay by sea waves. It is also an important prehistoric site of Green Island. There are rich reefs along the coast, and occasionally there are intertidal creatures. It’s very comfortable to walk around the beach in a windy weather!

(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

If you have time, you can visit the blue hole in the secret area for about 20 to 30 minutes, but because of the dangerous terrain, it is recommended to go with the coach.

Great Wall Green Island

(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

If you want to go to the Great Wall in Beijing while not yet to realize this dream, the small Great Wall of Green Island is also a wonderful choice for you! The winding trail leads to the viewing pavilion. From here, you can see the famous rock formations on the coast: sleeping beauty and pug. This place is also a good place to watch the sunrise.

Zhaori Hot Spring

(Credit: eastcoast nsa)

“Underwater Hot Spring” is one of the few precious resources in the world, and in Taiwan the most famous one is in Green Island. It is a world-class geological landscape. Before you get to hot spring, you can go to the outdoor open-air bath and there is another hot spring to experience. The spring water is close to the boiling point and you can cook hot spring eggs.

Boiled egg tips:
First, put the eggs in hot water for 10 minutes, take them out and tap till they show the cracks, and then cook again for 4 minutes, then you complete the perfect hot spring egg recommended by the locals.

Mr. Hot Dog Bar

This American restaurant on Nan-liao Street is famous for its borderless dishes such as flying fish spaghetti and kiln-baked pizza. There are also various bartending challenges and activities like people in bikinis for free and so on. It is a very lively and perfect place for young people!

Address:  No. 103, Nanliao, Ludao Township, Taitung County 951, Taiwan
Contact: 089-671711
Open time: 10:00~02:00

Diving Experience: Don’t say you’ve been to Green Island if you haven’t been diving yet

Diving Experience on Green Island

Green Island is known as a diving paradise, and there are many well-known dive sites waiting for the dive to experience, including the world’s largest living mushroom. Don’t just go snorkeling! If you don’t have a diving license, you can also follow the coach’s steps to experience diving and explore the mysterious world under the sea!

The above is the recommended Green Island itinerary by MyProGuide. The Green Island is not big, the traffic of each scenic spot is very convenient, you can freely arrange it at any time, and it is very flexible. Take advantage of the absence of time off for a long time, and start your amazing summer trip to Green Island!

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