Taiwan Summer Journey:5 Activities to Do on Penghu Islands

If you have been to Taiwan main island in summer for several times, and would like to visit Taiwan again. Then, Penghu is your best option for summer vacation to hop on one of the hidden beaches and explore the beauty of summer as well as Taiwanese culture.

Besides beautiful hidden beaches, Penghu islands get all you desire in summer: clean sea water, comfortable sunshine and plenty of water activities. So, want to have a totally laid-back summer? Hurry up and plan your amazing travel to Penghu right now.

1. Relax Yourselves in High-level Hidden Beaches

Besides Taiwan main island, Penghu County, consists of 90 offshore islands, is one of the favorite tourist spots in summer vacation. Penghu Island is abundant in aquatic resources and water-activity providers, and it’s considered an excellent paradise in summer to retreat from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Here comes the hot summer. Now, imagine that you’re having fun in a seaside town, and savor amazing summer at great Penghu hidden beaches. So, which beach you prefer? Go and enjoy it.

Penghu Top 5 Hidden Beaches:

#1. Shili Beach (嵵裡沙灘)

Shili beach belongs to many local Penghu citizens’ childhood memories. With less people, soft white sand, coastline with an elegant curve. Lying on the beach and looking at the bright blue ocean water, this is definitely the must-visit hidden beach worth spending a half day there.

Location: Penghu County, Magong City, close to Shili elementary school
Transportation: Take Feng Gui Line at Anshan Internal Stop, and get off at Shili Beach
Open Time: 9:00 a.m. to 17:00 p.m.

#2. Dream Beach (夢幻沙灘)

The reason why it is called “Dream” beach, is because this beach will only show up during the low tide. Coastline like the alphabet “U”, on the other side of the beach, you can see the iconic geography of Penghu, that is the columnar basalt, rocks that formed from volcanic lava. These line-up stones are a precious treasure that Penghu is given by mother nature.

Location: Penghu County, Magong City, close to Shili elementary school
Transportation: Take Waian Line at Beichen Station, and get off at Dachi Internal Stop, walk 7 minutes to Dream Beach
Open Time: 24 hours

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#3. Aimen Beach (隘門沙灘)

Aimen beach is composed of white sand, shells, and coral remains. As stepping on the beach, you may find it surprising to see star-shaped forams (foraminifera) scattering all over this place. No wonder local people name it ‘star sand.’ Plus, there’s something that relates Aimen Beach to star: that is, it’s a popular spot for seeing stars. Beautiful starry night is hard to refuse, right?

Location:Aimen, Huxi Township, Penghu County, Taiwan
Transportation:Take Green Line Bus(Jian Shan Line, 尖山線) at Makung Terminus, and get off at Aimen station.
Open Time:24 hours

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#4. Wangankou Beach (網垵口沙灘)

Located in the south of Wangan Island, Penghu’s  fourth largest island, Wangankou Beach is absolutely a must-stay hidden beach for both nature and humanities lovers. Travelers can get to Wangankou Beach from Magong(馬公), Penghu Main Island by ferry. It takes around 45 minutes and cost less than 200 NTD of ticket fee.

What amazes people the most is that Wangankou Beach is super clean with soft white sand and blue sky. Also, this hidden beach is an important area for green turtle conservation. If you’re quite interested in aquatic animals, and would like to know how green turtle act and lay eggs, then don’t miss out Wangankou from your list of hidden beaches.

Location:Wangankou Beach, Wangan Township, Penghu County, Taiwan
Transportation:Take ferry from Magong to Tanmen Port(潭門港), and Wangankou Beach is not far at south. You may ride bike or scooter there.
Open Time:24 hours

#5. Jibei Sand Tail Beach(吉貝沙尾):

Jibeiyu(吉貝嶼) or Jibei island, a popular tourist destination for summer vacation and water activities, is on the north side of Penghu main island. It’s undoubtedly to say that Jibei Sand Beach Beak is a magnet for a great number of travelers who are fond of water activities and hidden beaches.

Different from its counterpart of other Penghu islands, Jibei Sand Beach Beak houses a variety of water activities, including water motorcycle, banana boat, snorkeling, dragged buoy, speedboat, etc. No matter which types of water activities you prefer, you’ll get them all. In summer, therefore, this place is comparatively lack of tranquility. However, there’s always full of exciting things for travelers to experience and remember.

Location:Jibei Island, Baisha Township, Penghu County, Taiwan
Transportation:Take taxi from Magong to North Sea Visitor Center(北海旅客服務中心) in Chihkan Port(赤崁碼頭), and reach to Jibei Island by 15-minute boat.
Open Time:24 hours

Also, this year Jibeiyu Beach Carnival is going to take place during August 15th-25th. Come and join most fun festival combined sport, music bands, dance, and summer hot beach. What are you waiting for? Check out the latest information on the Penghu National Scenic Area Administration:

More than those top 5!!
Check out other Penghu hidden beaches and their location below.

2. Lovers, Define Your Romance at Twin-Heart Stone Weir

To find a romantic and special place for lovers to reinforce love during summer, many Penghu locals will mention Twin-Heart Stone Weir for sure. Twin-Hearts Stone Weir, located in Qimei Island(七美島), literally features unique heart-shaped formation of stones on sea. It’s originally stacked by Penghu ancestors as a trap for catching fish. And during low tide, people can see its full shape. It’s top recommended spot for travelers, especially lovers.

As sun goes down, lovers may appreciate this natural beauty hand in hand, while embracing sea wind breezing through hairs and faces. Again, love remains firm and connect each other tight in bond during memorable summer time.

Location: Qimei Township, Penghu County, Taiwan
: Take ferry or airplace, Daily Air(德安航空) from Magong, Penghu County
Open Time: 24 hours

3. Astonished by the Magnificent View at Blue Cave

Blue Cave(藍洞) is also a must-go attraction that is considered heaven-like place. According to the law, we are not allowed to get into the cave for safety purpose, however, we may take a boat to get closer to the cave. Actually, Blue Cave is the bassalt naturally shaped by wind and water crush, and we can appreciate its polygon edges and cliffs along with pure sea water.

Because of sunshine reflection, visitors are always wowed by sparkling water color. Water is so clean that you can even see coral and other sea animals under the sea.

Location:Xijiyu, Wangan Township, Penghu County, Taiwan
Transportation: Take a boat from Qimei Island or Wangan Island to Xijiyu (西吉嶼)
Open Time: Better join a tour

4. Catch Squids at Night if You Can

(Credit: Boyce Traveler on pixnet)

Taiwan’s offshore islands are popular and appropriate for fishing. In Penghu Islands, many local tours feature fishing squid on boat during night time. Squid is a sort of marine animal that looks similar to cuttlefish in appearance. They all have 10 arms, including 8 short arms and 2 long tentacles. By the way, although 8-armed marine super star-octopus is their relative, they are different. So, don’t be confused if you get one of them.

If you decide to take part in a night time fishing tour for squids, many islands of Penghu offer you the opportunity. Qimei Island and Jibei Island, for example, are both naturally beautiful destination famous for boat-fishing. Mostly, this kind of tour begins around 7PM~9PM.

During your trip on fishing boat, while holding a fishing pole, you may also savor mouth-watering squids with rice noodles prepared by the captain. At the same time, sparking lights shine in the obscure sky above ocean. As you may notice, these lights come from other fishing boats on sail. What an amazing tour. Only less than 1000 NTD(depend on actual literaries), you can earn an unforgettable memory at night in summer.

5. Make Friends with Green Turtles

(Credit: 潛行者—謝小寶)

Remember? as we mentioned above, the green turtle is well-conserved in Wangan Island. If you have the chance to visit Wangan Island, besides spending time on Wangankon Beach, don’t forget to Wangan Green Turtle Tourism and Conservation Center. This center aims to maintain a eco-friendly environment for the green turtle and promote ecological education to the public.

Inside the center, it’s just like a museum that exhibits many collection and resources. So, you can enjoy a lot of educational videos and documents related to green turtle, other sea turtles, and Wangan history as well. You can learn how the green turtle lays eggs, and how baby turtle survive the risk back to the ocean. This experience is truly worthy. However, in order not to bother the green turtle, every year from May to October, it’s prohibited to visit Wangankou Beach between night and early morning.

Location:No.1-4,Dongan village,Wangan Township,Penghu County, Taiwan
Transportation:Take ferry from Magong to Tanmen Port(潭門港), and Wangankou Beach is not far at south. You may ride bike or scooter there.
Open Time:March~October:09:00~17:00 / November to February:10:30~15:30

Penghu islands are such underestimated places that many foreign travelers might not ever know its name and characteristics. However, after we list out hidden beaches, travel attractions, and activities to do in Penghu Islands. Perhaps you’re moved and take Penghu as you dream destination of upcoming travel. Then, why not get ready and embark on your new journey in summer!

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